All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all the best
and here's to a most fabulous 2007!

Have a wicked time tonight,
and enjoy responsibly.


Funniest shit ever.

"Fuck that horseshit, nothing is forgiven on x-mas".

I dunno what it is about Christmas.. maybe people feel like it's one of those special times of the year where you think all is forgiven. Everyone's all nice..etc. Happy.. Cheery.. etc. But why someone who you haven't talked to in forever decides to message you on Christmas day like they're being nice and sweet and all that.. is beyond me. LOL.. it just means.. you're a coward the rest of the time to say anything and have to wait until the bonified day of Christmas in order to get a word out.. simply relying on the possibility that good cheer will be in that person's heart and they'll respond sweetly back to you.. forgetting anything and everything from before.

Riiiiiiiiight. LOL

Lemme tell you something.. there be no good cheer in this girl's heart right now. None. Zippo. Zilch. The only good cheer I have to share.. is that for my family and friends whom I love with all my heart... and for those less fortunate than me. That's about it. Trust this point in time.. i have none to spare cuz it's seriously lacking and extremely scarce. (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)

So, this certain asshat decided to txt me Merry Christmas this morning at 9:00am. (You know the one.. the dood i was gushing about all summer long). Haven't talked to him in forever.. cuz.. oh, let me remember.. he was an ASSHAT and i told him to not call me ever again. something along those lines... Anyways, I didn't respond. Well, actually, I was going to respond to the msg's.. because I'm one of those suckers that's too nice and feels bad..etc. and was thinking.. "man.. it's Christmas.. isn't there some rule about being kind and forgiveness or some shit like that?".. but others put it in a much better perspective for me. Since clearly i am incapable... lol

As one of them said to me... lol.. they shouldn't abuse Santa's goodness!! Santa is NOT A TOY!


Damn it.. I was actually posting cuz i wanted to post this video from yesterday while i was killing time and waiting for my sister to come by the house... but it failed last night.. and it didn't upload. :((((( So, I'll have to post it later... I gotta get ready to head up north and have Christmas dinner at my sister's place. weeeeeeee.. we're having turkey for the first time ever.. on Christmas hahaha .. wowwieeeeee.hehe ;)))

So, have a fabulous and wonderful Christmas day everyone! I hope Santa was really good to you! Hug your family/friends today and be thankful for everything that you have!!

much love:

Buon Natale a tutti!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!


You're all gay.

If you have anything against people who are not *straight* ... anything negative at all to say.. whatsoever... in any shape or form.. then let me be the first to tell you.. to go FUCK yourself twenty times over ... and please, refrain from being my friend.. cuz I don't care to talk to you anymore or even know you.

I'm so sick and tired of hearing little cracks here and there from people.. they think it's innocent... but it's fucking not. There is NO difference between people because of their sexual orientation and if you feel the need to make a comment towards them.. and you think you're so funny over there.. harr harr harr.. just fucking go jam it right up your asshole. Fucking asshats.


Have a nice fucking day.

Light a Candle.

40 million people in the world are infected with HIV and that number is rising daily.
The majority of these people do not have access to life-saving treatment.
Here is something simple you can do to help fight a problem that affects us all...

Bristol-Myers is donating a dollar to fight AIDS everytime someone goes totheir website and moves the match to the candle and lights it.

It takes one second to raise a dollar.

Hair Geek.

Check out this total geekyness that is me.. over two years ago.. when I used to work in the office. hahaha

too hilarious. I look like such a goody two shoes nerd.
BAHAHA go me! : )))))))

I was going through my folders on my computer deleting crap.. cuz i have LOTS of crap.. lemme tell you that much. lol.. and i have so many pix with all the different looks I went through. I was thinking of putting together an album to showcase all the different looks/hairstyles I've had.. cuz let's face it.. haha i'm really all about the changing hair over here.. :))))))

this is another one from almost 2 years ago.. or something like that:

So.. as you can see... I've had the same hairstyle/colour.. for..

For those of you that know me.. you'll also know that I've changed my hair colour/style very FREQUENTLY! lol and i'm so incredibly bored shitless with the same hair all the time.


I guess that's what tends to happen when you grow out your hair.
When it's short.. you have the liberty of changing it as often as you want... and you can trim away dry/dead ends as often as you want.

Anyhoo.. with that being said.. I'm trying desperately to grow out my bangs.. but i keep seeing my old pix.. and pix of others with the short bangs.. and what can i say? i really love the bettie page/pin-up gurL look way too much!!! so, i've decided to grow them out for as long as I'm growing out my layers.. which I also want to get rid of.. and then once it's all one length.. maybe i'll get bangs again.. and that won't be for a while. and then.. i'll chop it ALL off.. and donate it to Locks of Love... which has been the plan all along.

and.. this was a useless post about my hair and crap. haha
but it's my blog.

so.. tough titties.

much love:

Drunk Girl & Dancing & Stuff.

So, we went to the Rivoli on Friday night to support the Drunk Girl team and to see some live bands and other artists. Then we pretty much hit the club for a bit to dance the night away.. ooh la la. 'twas a good night indeed! :))))

Hope you're all ready for Christmas.. cuz it's just around the corner! God knows I'm nowhere near to being ready.. :)))

On a side note.. it's my dad's 60th birthday this Wednesday. the Big ONE!

Anyhoo, here are some pix from that night (carrrrrie.. i stole one from you!)

much love:

Daydream believer.

Martini parties with fine arts students look a little something like this...

*bua ha ha ha*


I had a really really great & relaxing weekend....
...and then I came back home.

haha I'm kidding.. but seriously.. I went up to Barrie to visit my sister and her man. They just got a new hot tub.. and I've never been in one before. It was pretty fabulous. They already have lots of snow up there so, it's pretty crazy fun having to walk out into the snow in a towel and slippers and walk barefoot up some stairs covered in snow to step into a boiling hot vat of bubbling water.. haha BUT.. it was seriously the most fantastic thing ever. For real for real! Everyone needs to get themselves a hot tub.. pronto! My weekend consisted of hot tubbin, umm snacking.. lol.. dollar store raids, old-skool diner brekkiefesting.. music revivals, and doggies smooshings. I had fun.

I've been doing a whole bunch of thinking lately.
About myself.
About my surroundings.
About my choices.
All that fun stuff.

I think it's time for changes..
in my outlook
in my attitude
in my tolerance... you get the picture.

With that being said.. I think I might need to hibernate a bit.
Mostly cuz I need to sort out my shit
or sick of most of shit out there
or have a lot of shit I need to deal with
or I'm in head deep in too much shit to get a moment to breathe
you kinda get the picture..
lots of SHIT.

Happy holidays to you all. :P


I'm not perfect. Far from it.
I'm not sitting here on my thrown pointing out all the errors in peoples ways...
but it's hard to really believe in a person when they say one thing
decide one thing..
but then it's not really that way at all.
Is it??
I didn't think so.

So, I'm wondering... are people just content being doormats?
Continuing the same cycles.
They know the wrong it's caused.
They know the story well.
They've lived it time and time again.
Do they block all the bad episodes out of their head so conveniently?
Just to suit their needs for whatever short-lived temporary high or filling it gives them?
Do they honest-to-God forget why they decided that way to begin with?

Naw.. I don't think so. That's a cheap cop out.
See, I've been forgiving for a long long time.
Forgiving of the same movie scene played out over and over again in front of my eyes.

I refuse to compromise myself anymore for anyone or anything that isn't worth my time, energy, efforts, etc. I only have this life to live and I want to fill it with all the goodness that I choose to. Good friends, good times, good experiences, good shoes & good food ;) haha.. Seriously though.. but you learn to filter out the crap because in all seriousness over here... it's only your life to live. It's only you looking out for you. There is NOT one single person out there who's going to sort out your life for you. So, you learn to get rid of the bad and keep the good and appreciate the good more.

So, what it boils down to is..
what exactly is that makes people NOT stick to their guns?

Please shed some light on the situation.. cuz it's boggled my mind for years.


cuz i'm just babbling and super tired and find I'm a tad confused about everything around me as of late.


Retro Romance.

Lyrically photoshopped.

I was bored today and photoshopped some recent pix and added a bunch of lyrics from some of my favourite songs.
So sue me. :P

I'm going out now. Time to cure my *yuckies* day. :)))

much love:

You're just like a dream...

I just watched the movie 'Just Like Heaven' , which I only watched because I'm so so in love with Mark Ruffalo.. *swoooooooooon*

It basically did two things to me.... well, besides cry like a baby at the end because it was a sapfest movie.. just like i love them ;)) haha yah yah. bite me :P

it just made me love him even more haha could anyone be more amazingly cute, beautiful and so so incredibly yummy and hunky and awesome all rolled up into one package?? no no.. i think not. *faints*

ok ok.. you get the picture. haha


haaaaa.. well, i basically realized i'm going to be a very lonely and sad sad person forever and ever and ever. go team go!! because.. i WANT that most amazing feeling and love to happen to me and i'm still waiting for it to happen. where you just meet that person and you just know! i mean.. maybe not right at first.. but it's like.. well, it just works out that way.. and then it's just SO right! and i have NO idea what i'm talking about.. cuz that shit only happens in the movies right? exactly. it doesn't happen in REAL LIFE. and i know the person i am. and i know i'll never settle for something just there or stay with someone i'm unhappy with. and i know there's no such thing as the perfect love.. the perfect romance.. the perfect relationship.. the perfect man.. etc. but i know in my heart what i want and what i'm looking for.. and i just fear that's just the stuff that all little girls dream of right? it doesn't happen. it never does. but.. you see. i'd rather be alone than not have that.. haaaaaa.. that's the insane part right?? :(((( yah, i kinda figured. i'm just a little weirdo like that i guess. so.. basically.. i'm gunna wait and wait forever for something that most probably will never ever ever happen. and i'll keep watching it in the movies.. and it'll make me burst and feel all gushies and lovies and squishies inside.. and i'll continue living my life in this one big ongoing daydream.. like i've done up until now.... and i'll have crushes on guys.. and i'll move on.... but that one special moment.. that one most amazing thing that everyone is waiting to happen for their entire life.. well.. it doesn't happen for real. so, that's all. i know what i want.. i know what i feel and what i hope and wish for. i don't need to search for it. i don't need to test drive others to figure it out. so, i have insanely idealistic romantic views on how a relationship should be. so, sue me............. it won't stop me from thinking this way. feeling this way. and waiting this way.


The question here is.. how the fuck am i still so hopeful at the end of the day?

Gwen Interview @ MUCH.

You can check it out here:

Sorry... it's only available to Canadian residents.

I'm sure it'll be uploaded somewhere else soon enough.

I was there.
Yes I was.


Early Winter.

You, you know how to get me so low
My heart had a crash when we spoke
I can’t fix what you broke
And you, you always have a reason
Again and again this feelin
Why do I give in

And I always was, always was one for cryin
I always was one for tears

The sun’s getting cold, it’s snowin
Looks like an early winter for us
Looks like an early winter for us
An early winter, oh why did you deter me over

You said the map of the world is on you
The moon gravitates around you
The seasons escape you

And I always was, always was one for cryin
I always was one for tears
No I never was, never was one for lyin
You lied to me all these years

Why, why do you act so stupid
Why, you know I’m always right

Looks like an early winter for us
It hurts and I can’t remember sunlight
An early winter for us
The leaves are changing colors
Starting over and over and over again
Starting over and over and over again
Well it looks like an early winter for us
It looks like an early winter for us

Drama and Symphony.

Our company Christmas party was pretty fantastic. Apart from the momentary scene caused by 'the mental one' (who shall remain nameless). Open bar is definitely not a good thing for a lush like myself. haha.. I wish I had brought my camera with me.. there were so many good things and good times to record. I only have one photo from the night.. pre-drinkage, pre-party, in the car.. before we even got there. haha

me, Chris and Nat on our way to booze with our coworkers. go team go. <3

Our big, end-of-term symphony concerto went really well today. Although I had a momentary CRISIS when my instrument fell apart JUST before the concert today.. and I had to rush to the general store to get some items to do some QUICK repairs! I just about had heart failure!! So... my baby is in need of some repairs and will be off to the fix-it shop during the winter break.. *sniff sniff*.. :((((( It is really old and in bad shape.. poor thing. Other than that.. everything went smoothly and we played a wonderful concerto.

I finally saw the Borat movie last night. It was hilarious.. but not as hilarious as everyone made it out to be. Some of the raunchy jokes were hilarious, gross, sick, twisted and fucked up kinda funny... but there were some really bad things in there that left me gasping with my jaw crashing to the ground several times. It's a real eye opener and it's really sad that people really do think that way.

Better go get ready for footie.. although I'm in no mood at all to be playing right now.

I'll leave you with a few new pix of my favourite gurL:

much love:

September 15th.

Your Birthdate: September 15

You take life as it is, and you find happiness in a variety of things.

You tend to be close to family and friends. But it's hard to get into your inner circle.

Making the little things wonderful is important to you, and you probably have an inviting home.

You seek harmony with others, but occasionally you have a very stubborn streak.

Your strength: Your intense optimism

Your weakness: You shy away from exploring your talents

Your power color: Jade

Your power symbol: Flower

Your power month: June


This is such a stunning photo... and no boobage! hahaha

I so want this jacket/coat. It's so so amazing.

Gwen at Much Music.

Gwen will be in the Much environment on Tuesday, November 28th for a brief interview.

Guess who's going to see her?





much love:

My Fuel.

As you all know, I'm a coffee addict... well, not in the sense that I drink over 5 cups a day (I'm not stupid, nor insane). But I LOVE my coffee and I need it for those late nights of studying or pulling all nighters to write insane papers because I'm the world's best procrastinator! ;)))

So, since we were on this topic, I just wanted to add that I expect one of these under the Christmas tree this year. ;)))
*cough*Carolina*cough*.. who gave her spare one away to the OTHER sister who doesn't even DRINK COFFEE! *gasp* THE HORROR!

The mighty French Press:

That's it. That's all. Back to studying and preparing for my music exam.
Ta-TA! :)))))))

much love:

Crunch time.

It's exam time. Which basically means lots of reading, lots of studying, every assignment is due and anything else you can think of. So, between juggling school, symphony, work, and football (aka soccer for le americanos).. I have no time at all for friends or family.. let alone myself. : (((

If you don't hear from me or I have to bail out on plans, you'll understand why as I barely have enough time to even get a proper night's rest. So, bare with me these next couple of weeks.

I'll be free in December. See you all then! I'll put on my party hat and we'll drink it up and party until the madness starts up again in January. Olé!! ;))

much love:

Gwen's massive boobs.

whoa, nelly!!!



York U Wind Symphony.

We'll be having a performance next Sunday.
I'm in it. So, you should all come out and see it.. of course.

when: Sunday, November 26th
time: 3:00pm
where: the Recital Hall, Accolades East building, York University

price: I believe it's $10, or $5 with student ID. I think.. I hope.. lol

Come to the show!

much love:


So, my good friend Saadia always hooks me up with a couple of free VIP passes to the show every year cuz her husband is the CEO of the company that brings this most spectacular event to Toronto.

Click on the picture below to view the photos:

There were a lot more cars this year.. but it wasn't quite as exciting as last year's show, I have to say. Mainly because last year they actually had a few classic cars entered into the show. But there seemed to be a lot more scantilly clad models this year.. which kinda makes me giggle... cuz, well.. I'll let you in on a little secret... umm.. NONE of these models are getting paid for any of this. The only one getting paid is the Importfest Feature model. So.. these girls are dressed in nearly nothing.. and have to hump cars all day long in uber high heels.. have disgusting dorky and nasty guys paw at them ALL day long.. while taking close-up pix of their tits and ass so they can go home and jerk off to them later.. and smile smile smile!!.... for NOT even a CENT. haaaaaaa... that's pretty bad if you ask me. yep. But hey.. tis not my life. Just thought I'd throw that out there for all you lovely people.

Oh.. and the WEIRDEST thing happenend at the show. One of those bizzarro type moments only to be left for unsolved mysteries or one of those equally freakishly freaky tv series. So.. if you don't know.. well, my digital camera has a REMARKABLE zoom on it. It's 12x optical zoom and 48x digital zoom.. so, I can pretty much zooooooom in HELLA close to pretty much ANYTHING! So.. we were way up at top.. sitting down.. taking a break.. having some coffee. chillin out.. when I decided to mess around and see what I could zoom in on and take more pix of. So, I'm standing up and see this booth with the words ROCKSTAR over it and I zoom over to that and I'm trying to focus in on it and get a clear pic of the black and gold car that's underneath it.. when suddenly.. this guy walks into my shot. ... ... ..... I could recognize that gait anywhere!! And I look up.. but obviously I can't see from where I'm sitting cuz I'm waaaaaaaaay too far. So, I focus in again with my camera.. and it looks SO much like him.. and I'm thinking.. there's NO way. but dood! it looks way too much like him. his same movements and everything... but I can't really tell so much cuz the screen is just too little on my camera... and so, I just shrug it off and don't think about it anymore. Then when I get home I start going through my pix, editing them and such.. I had completely forgotten about that entire incident.. until I got to that photo. ... ... and my heart just kinda stops for a split second.

It was him.

.. and I was kinda freaked out.. cuz of ALL the places.. he had to be there.. and HAPPEN to walk by the exact spot where I just so happened to zoom in on. So, how's that for totally weird and bizarre???? Good times... :-///

Anyhoo... I don't have anything more to say. I should be off to bed because I have to work tomorrow.. and of course soccer (MissC! if ya read this.. don't forget you need to drop off my soccer shoes!! i neeeeeeeed them to play! tomorrow! it's URGENT! haha).. so, I'm incredibly beat. Have a great night everyone.


much love:

Eye-talian poems make gooder music.

So.... I wrote this super duper lame-ass cheese infested poem in class today (that's most likely full of terrible errors and such.. haha) while I was simply dying of utter boredomnesss.... and i translated it into english so that others would understand it.. but the translation was kinda off.. as is common when translating things into another language.. it often loses it's meaning or rather.. it's effect.

Anyhoo, I showed my dear dear friend Mister Kevin.. the musical genius.. and he spiffed it up for me and converted it into a structured song. He's going to make some music for it.. and i'll sing it. We're going to have a #1 hit track for SURE. Watch out GWEN! HERE COMES GIUSI and her HOT TRACK ;)))) HARrr harr harrrrr.

The infamous poem:

Silenzio qui...
anche se c'è da ridere;
un po' di scherzare;
molto da dire;
sempre a sorridere;
perché tu mi fai sentire
una paura, un'incertezza
e troppo allegria.
Una gioia così dolce.
Ma non lo saprai mai.

Silenzio qui...
ma dentro c'è un grido forte
che nascondo profondamente.
Sempre con i tuoi immagine
correndo sulla mente.
Degli occhi splendide
un sorriso...
che mi fa squagliare il cuore..
che me fa scattare
ogni volta che ti vedo.

Silenzio qui...
perché non ho il coraggio
da dirti davvero
come la penso.
Cosa voglio;
cosa desidero
perché ho tanto paura...
e tanto insicurezza.
È meglio non sapere
che tu non pensi mai di me.

Allora continua...
il silenzio qui.

[ Giuseppina B. ]

The new hit song:

go team go!! we are so uberly talented.. we are.. (that's lie.. we all know kevin is the mastermind behind the entire project.. i just write the fluff that fills it in. hee hee)

much love:


Because I can't keep living this way and things have got to change.

It's only up to me. Right?

I'll keep in touch.


much love:

My prescription is your kiss and boy you got me wanting it.

oooooh... i think i'm coming down with something.
yeeeah... i know it, gunna need your medicine.
oooooh... so help me now, i'm freaking out..!!!!!!!!!!!

everybody knows i'm mad for you.
you get me SERIOUSLY out of my minddddddd!

*le sigh*

bad bad bad bad.
this is SERIOUSLY bad.
S - M - I - T - T - E - N.


i'm in trouble with a huge enormous capital *T*.


Wind it Up.

Gwen Stefani's brand spanking new video premieres tomorrow.
I've heard the song already and think it's pretty catchy. I'm sure every club is gunna have it remixed and pumping while everyone rocks out to it. Very fun and upbeat.

Here's a short clip of what's in store for you:

clickies -->

Looks pretty cool.
Kinda glad those harajuku girls are out of the picture.

The album will be release December 5th of 2006.

much love:

Death by Boola Boola.

It's 7:00am and I just got home. First we were at Shoeless Joe's in Wood-a-bridge where I was getting molested by drunk and cracked out old divorced men .. (go team go!!).. and then we stalked our buddy a bit and drove around like nutbars.. and then I spent the past 3 hours in the Country Style coffee shop just up the street from my house with Betsy, Steph and Remo where we defaced a magazine, made perverted jokes, gossiped, fought and all kinds of other shit.. til the wee hours of the morning. It was way too much fun to be had... good times. : ))))))

I'm in a much better mood than I have been in the past few days. Yep.

Now.. I want to do the right thing and not go to sleep.. do my homework.. and then go to school.. but who the hell are we kidding here. I'm gunna spoil myself and go to bed and sleep all morning under my duvet all nice and cozy and play hookie and not worry about it.... cuz.. you know what? I need a break. Cuz I've been too overwhelmed and losing my cool this past little while. .. and you know what? I'll take that break any way I can get it.. even if it means having to miss out on a class for one day. And I don't even feel guilty..... is that so terrible?

It's me time. And I'm feeling pretty damn good right now.....

I'm on a high.. on a high.. there's nothing else to it, yeah..

Have a most lovely day every.
much love:

[ ~~~~~~ Video of the day ~~~~~~ ]

Un po' di tristezza..

I feel very sad today.

Foto di Halloween.

Hope you all enjoyed the Halloween Festivities... I know I did. Way too much fun to be had.
Way too much drinking to be enjoyed..
hehe ;)))))

.: Check out Fotos of all three nights here :.

Now we're in November and it's very chilly outside.
Time for scarves and mittens; cuddling and hot chocolate.
good times. : ))))

much love:
~g. ♥

p.s. You need to watch this right now. DO EEET!

Happy Halloween.


have a most fabulous halloweeney time.
stuff yer face with loads of candies and chocolates.
dress up. dress up. dress up.
smear on some make-up.
be fabulous. be creepy.
be anything you want!
*mua ha ha ha ha ha ha*

Love ya loads.

~g. ♥

(p.s. I'll post halloween pix later cuz i still have some to take tonight and i'll do it all at once.)

Butterflies in my stomach.

I'm so nervous about tonight.

I've performed so many times; I've been in music ensembles for most of my life, performed concert solos, accepted awards, sang live on national tv, danced, sang, and strutted my way across countless stages, sang in front of judges for Canadian Idol (, and we all know I'm a regular karaoke fanatic who's never afraid to belt out any tune while dancing.

But.. this is different.

I've never acted before. This is new to me. It's proving to be a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Getting in character is hard work. Especially when that character is nothing like you. So, I'm sitting here.. rehashing my lines over and over again trying to get them dead on.. while the clock ticks and showtime draws nearer and nearer. It's insanely .. hrm.. well, a few words come to mind: Terrifying; distressful; nerve-racking; frightening.. er.. you get the picture.

I'm nervous as hell.


*takes a deep breath*

So, off I go to play Mariuzza and hopefully I won't forget any of my lines.
Wish me luck!!

much love:

Let me be the one that shines with you.

OK PEOPLE! i totally stole this blog idea from the most lovely missc because she's smart and i was like "hey! that's genius! i'm teeefing yer idea, bizznatch!" haha well, not quite like that. but along those lines. minus the gangstah lingo. lol

sooooo... here goes:


HALLOWEEN is just around the corner... and i STILL have no clue what to dress up as. I know a few people threw around some ideas.. some pretty neat.. some pretty typical.. some just kinda lame.. haha but still.. i want to hear them all.. bad or good cuz i NEED some ideas.. hopefully some of them will spark some incredibly kick-ass costume ideas for me.. and i'll have something fabulously halloweeny and fun to wear next week.

Just some little bits of info pour vous:

1) You DO NOT need to have an account on here to post me comments. Anyone can post.. and HELL! you can even post anonymously.. imagine that!! (That's for all you *cough*stalkers*cough* out there!!). That goes for all my posts/entries.

2) I have NO money.. so, don't suggest something that will require me to go out and buy some elaborate costume/accessories.. which i obviously cannot afford at the moment.

3) Don't suggest something slutty please. Not happening. nope. nuh-uh. no way, josé.

I was joking to my friends saying that I was going to be a CHola for Halloween.. draw in my eyebrows with a sharpie and wear tube sox with my man slippers. HAHAHAHAHA.. and i came up with this sweet-ass picture LMAO

toooooooo hilarious.
I'm latina. it's the troof.. lol

anyhooo.. that's it. that's all.
OH.. one more thing.
We're having two shows. Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.
Wish me luck. Please.... :))))))))))))

I'll leave you with this picture of me and the love of my life.
(I totally look like a drag queen in this picture. bua hahahaha love it!)

now GO COMMENT CRAZY with halloween costume ideas please.
THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!! :))))))))))))


much love:

p.s. i MUST stop drunk texting him. haha he's going to think i'm crazy drunk pirate hooker face and never talk to me again. hahahahahaha. word.

It's really good to hear your voice...

Saying my name.. it sounds so sweet....

I'm obsessed with this song.
(and this movie)

Far from home; I just don't want to be found...

i'm so tired. i worked 11 hours today.
ELEVEN hours.
then had play rehearsal.
tomorrow i have school all day.
then rehearsal.
which is pretty much everyday this week.
cuz our play is on the weekend.
it's disgusting really.
too much to do.
WAY too much.

and i worked all day yesterday and it was soooo busy and hectic and uberly INSANE!!


but. there's this guy at my work who is seriously the funniest person ever.
he cracks me up.
he needs to write all the shit he says.
i swear..
it's the funniest shit i've ever heard.
so, that helps the work days go by a lot quicker and easier.


hehe :)))

we also had our first football match yesterday..(which, i might add, we were brutally RAPED and MURDERED in-- hoorah for PRO teams that sign up to house leagues. effin CHEATS.) Now i am SO VERY sore. it hurts all over.

and on that note...
it's way too late and i need to be in bed.

i'm feeling mopey and disgusting lately.

i hate it so much.


p.s. i have to wear braids for my play.
i'm playing a 17 year old. go team go!

(notice the absence of red bangs....? yah. they went bye bye.)

I don't want this anymore.

I'm disappointed in so much.
I dislike the world around me so much.
I'm unhappy with a lot surrounding me.

People are a farce.
With painted masks they walk around..
like RATS in a fucking maze.
Following it in circles...
Of a game they think they should be playing.
Of a road they think they should be following.

Keep your sympathies and words of encouragement.
It was never there before.
I don't need them now.
or ever.

* * *

Kiss me goodbye
when I'm on my own
but you know that I'd rather be home...

I forgot about these.

These are some screen captures Kevin did for me from the videos I took at the Gwen concert.

My camera took really clear pix and videos. The videos are posted on MySpace in the videos section if you haven't see them already.

Click on the photo below to see the entire set of the pix from the screen captures.
(The photos I took are in my flickr album.)

Once again, thank you so much Kevin.

much love:

p.s. Happy Friday the 13th everybody. *mua ha ha ha ha*


Dove andro senza te, io non lo so
A parlare con buio mi perdero
Con l’amico più carro mi sfoghero
Con la voce sempre più stanca..

Dove andro senza te, io non lo so
Sulle muri il tuo nome scivero
Ce ne sollo nel letto impaziero
La tua foto sul petto e gridero.....

Ciao amore..

ciao amore.

ciao amore.

Tu che credi sempre in questi grandi amore..
ma poi non e cosi.

I stay away from boys.

But really.. I think they stay away from me.

I sometimes wonder....
well, I won't tell you what I wonder because I won't allow myself to go down that road.
It's one of those doors better left unopened.
You just can't ever can go back.

It's almost been three years.
It doesn't seem that long ago..

yet it seems like it was so forever ago.

New love..?
Not a chance.
Not even a glimmer all the while.

I'm not looking for it.
I'm not waiting for it.
I think I've given up on it.
Stopped expecting to see it around the corner.




This blog is lame.
Because I have nothing to say.
I just want to mope.
Cuz I feel like ass.


I really would love for once for someone else to come and take all this weight off my shoulders and make it all better .. tell me it's going to all be alright... tell me you're going to make sure of it. I really want a somebody to be that for me. To do that for me. All I ever wanted was stability, security and a solidness to build everything else upon. Is that too much to ask for?


[ A Day of Thanks. ]

I'm thankful for my beautiful family.
I'm thankful for my gorgeous friends.
I'm thankful for my incredible life.
I'm thankful for music and dance. *heart*
I'm thankful for my choices.
I'm thankful for the roof over my head.
I'm thankful for the food that I eat.
I'm thankful for my most adorable Lilly who makes me smile excessively.
I'm thankful for the sunshine, the rain that falls,
the misty mornings and the chilly, starlit nights.
I'm thankful for my freedom to express myself.
I'm thankful that we're never short of beer and drinks. ;))

Thank you God.
and thank you everyone.
for all the little and big things you do
that add so many amazing & wonderful things to my life.



much love:

She looks like she gave a blowjob to a powdered donut.

I HATE the girly time of the month. I'm craving salty things like insane. I don't crave sweets ever. It's more like PRINGLES or FRIES or fried chinese noodles or something. DAMN YOU!!

FYI. The previous blog was pure jokes. Me and my friend were bored and silly and wanted to take hilarious pictures. Because we're so fucking sexy and want to show off that shit, y0.. cuz we like to expose all our goods all over teh InTerNet. booya!
(we are not really dirty sluts. we like to keed around.)

ANYWAYS.. I'm in extreme pain over here and have been all week. Let me tell you my quick story. So, last night I decided to take two Tylenol 2's instead of one.. because the previous night I took one and it didn't really do anything. SO, they start kicking in and I start getting all loopy and tripping out bad on them.. THANK GAWD I had Carrie and some others calming me down online.. or I would have had some serious ass panic attic freaking the FUCK out thinking I was about to overdose on pills. BAHAHA.. omg. Seriously.. pills scare me and I hate taking meds. So, Thank you Carrie for saving me from INSANITY last night while I was on drugs. LOL.. I think I'll stick to my Advil... eep.

I don't really have much else to say so, I'll end it off with a couple of photos:

I bought a new hat and I lurves it so much. Hooray for autumn cozyness!

My kitty is seriously the cutest ball of cuddliness in the entire world. word.

like i said. C - U - T - E - S - T ! ! !

much love: