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Drama and Symphony.

Our company Christmas party was pretty fantastic. Apart from the momentary scene caused by 'the mental one' (who shall remain nameless). Open bar is definitely not a good thing for a lush like myself. haha.. I wish I had brought my camera with me.. there were so many good things and good times to record. I only have one photo from the night.. pre-drinkage, pre-party, in the car.. before we even got there. haha

me, Chris and Nat on our way to booze with our coworkers. go team go. <3

Our big, end-of-term symphony concerto went really well today. Although I had a momentary CRISIS when my instrument fell apart JUST before the concert today.. and I had to rush to the general store to get some items to do some QUICK repairs! I just about had heart failure!! So... my baby is in need of some repairs and will be off to the fix-it shop during the winter break.. *sniff sniff*.. :((((( It is really old and in bad shape.. poor thing. Other than that.. everything went smoothly and we played a wonderful concerto.

I finally saw the Borat movie last night. It was hilarious.. but not as hilarious as everyone made it out to be. Some of the raunchy jokes were hilarious, gross, sick, twisted and fucked up kinda funny... but there were some really bad things in there that left me gasping with my jaw crashing to the ground several times. It's a real eye opener and it's really sad that people really do think that way.

Better go get ready for footie.. although I'm in no mood at all to be playing right now.

I'll leave you with a few new pix of my favourite gurL:

much love:


missc said...

we're going to have a sexy time tomorrow.. ;)

Gwen is so unattractive.... NOT!!!