All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Far from home; I just don't want to be found...

i'm so tired. i worked 11 hours today.
ELEVEN hours.
then had play rehearsal.
tomorrow i have school all day.
then rehearsal.
which is pretty much everyday this week.
cuz our play is on the weekend.
it's disgusting really.
too much to do.
WAY too much.

and i worked all day yesterday and it was soooo busy and hectic and uberly INSANE!!


but. there's this guy at my work who is seriously the funniest person ever.
he cracks me up.
he needs to write all the shit he says.
i swear..
it's the funniest shit i've ever heard.
so, that helps the work days go by a lot quicker and easier.


hehe :)))

we also had our first football match yesterday..(which, i might add, we were brutally RAPED and MURDERED in-- hoorah for PRO teams that sign up to house leagues. effin CHEATS.) Now i am SO VERY sore. it hurts all over.

and on that note...
it's way too late and i need to be in bed.

i'm feeling mopey and disgusting lately.

i hate it so much.


p.s. i have to wear braids for my play.
i'm playing a 17 year old. go team go!

(notice the absence of red bangs....? yah. they went bye bye.)


missc said...

I was wearing braids last week an jay was making fun of me calling me the Wendys girl.. :(