All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Funniest Shit Ever.

Such Reveries.

Don't listen to me
It's my imagination

I don't even know you
It never happened
Just dreams in slow motion
They never happened
All that I told you
It never happened....

All of these things...
all of these things they are just reveries.

Peace of mind.

    So I turn to you and I say
    thank goodness for the good souls
    that make life better

    So I turn to you and I say
    If it wasn't for the good souls
    life would not matter

    So I turn to you and I say
    If you're messing with a good heart
    you've gotta take what's due....

Late Nights and Picture Sites.

Lilly hates me.

I'm sure of it. These are some old pix that I finally uploaded and fixored uppered. I bought this tshirt for her that says SPOILED across the top.. all blinged out in rhinestones. Incredibly adorable... and insanely torturous for my poor little gurL. But it was cute nonetheless.

Lilly hates me so.