All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

I stay away from boys.

But really.. I think they stay away from me.

I sometimes wonder....
well, I won't tell you what I wonder because I won't allow myself to go down that road.
It's one of those doors better left unopened.
You just can't ever can go back.

It's almost been three years.
It doesn't seem that long ago..

yet it seems like it was so forever ago.

New love..?
Not a chance.
Not even a glimmer all the while.

I'm not looking for it.
I'm not waiting for it.
I think I've given up on it.
Stopped expecting to see it around the corner.




This blog is lame.
Because I have nothing to say.
I just want to mope.
Cuz I feel like ass.


I really would love for once for someone else to come and take all this weight off my shoulders and make it all better .. tell me it's going to all be alright... tell me you're going to make sure of it. I really want a somebody to be that for me. To do that for me. All I ever wanted was stability, security and a solidness to build everything else upon. Is that too much to ask for?