All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Lemme tell you something...

I have a heart that's big.  GIANT. and amazing. 
it's full of Love. and light. and all that is bright and magical. 
I have a sparkle.. that you'll never ever be able to extinguish.
I have a hope that fills my heart with immense wonder,
happiness, joy, passion and brightness.
it carries me through even the darkest places 
that i've walked through in my life.
I have a shine. a glimmer.  i have a goodness.
a goodness that is whole, and complete
and wonderful, and it's me.
and it's all of me. and will always be.
it's strong. it's beautiful. it's fantastical.
I have a fullness that is dense and satisfying.
I do not hunger for more, for I have all that i need...
all within me.
I do not need to search outward for these things,
that will never ever matter in any lifetime
not for anybody. and not for me.
because i have a heart. a heart so big.
a heart of gold. that shines. so bright.
and i am beautiful. 
and that's the only thing that matters.
to me. to all of me.
and that's all i need to be 
is me. authentically me.
passionately me.
sparkling me.
I own that.
no one else does
or ever will.
so, hold that with you. 
and find those things about you.
because that's what life's about.
and feel that good. and that love.
and share that good. and that love.
and you will transcend.
rise up. follow your bliss.
be good. do good. live good.
it's what i am. who i am. how i live. how i do.
i have a heart so big.
this is me. 

This is my reality. Your reality is not real.


There are people who live among us and they are a cancer. They are dead inside and they want us to be dead inside. If they choose you, fight. Wake up. Do what you can to help those just starting their battle. Don't beat yourself up if they are not ready. Be there for them when they are. The dark is cunning. It splits the light. But not for long. Stand up for them as you wish someone had done for you. Don't leave them behind or see them as your enemy. If there is no love, no empathy, then what are we? Them? Love yourself, yes. Make yourself strong. But don't forget what sets us apart from the soulless, our ability to connect with others like us. They have the gift of darkness, but we can see in the dark. Light seeks the light. Every man for himself is their motto. Not ours.

author unknown

Happiness is....

New beginnings; with much better things for me. 

Happy new year. :)