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Drunk Girl & Dancing & Stuff.

So, we went to the Rivoli on Friday night to support the Drunk Girl team and to see some live bands and other artists. Then we pretty much hit the club for a bit to dance the night away.. ooh la la. 'twas a good night indeed! :))))

Hope you're all ready for Christmas.. cuz it's just around the corner! God knows I'm nowhere near to being ready.. :)))

On a side note.. it's my dad's 60th birthday this Wednesday. the Big ONE!

Anyhoo, here are some pix from that night (carrrrrie.. i stole one from you!)

much love:


missc said...

TITS AN TACO BELL!! HOW AWESOMENESS!! haha.. omg sorry i didn't stay out longer.. i was soo buzzed an soo fuckin tired with a headache..!!


YYZ Girl said...

Thanks for coming out to support us!!!

Giusi. said...

no problem careeeee. we'll hook up soon enough. and dance dance on friday ;))

and it was fun Courtney! haha i love the mister jesus thingie and interactive comic. but i didn't have anything witty enough to write on it.. :((