All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

and so it is....

I actually don't have a whole lot to write. I just kinda wanted to post a quick teensie little foto montage of shite... just cuz I'm always neglecting my blog. I can't help it really.. I don't have anything life altering to share ... and plus these days I'm barely ever home anymore...

I actually kinda have a lot to say.. but it's probably just a bunch of emotional jibberish.. So, I've been thinking I should just keep it to myself. Cuz i'm really not so sure about a lot of stuff right at this moment. I mean A LOT of stuff. And i'm beginning to think I have major delusional tendencies about certain things.. in terms of what I believe to be true... and what is in fact true.. and I'm beginning to think that nothing has ever been true that I perceived to be true... and I'm sure that's probably not making much sense. And I'm not so sure it makes any sense to me.. because i'm so friggen confused right now about everything.... : /// but as i said.. it's best I keep it to myself.. Because I'm sure I come across as this erratic over emotional crack head over here.. HAaa.... so, I'll leave my emotions for my friends.. and for my poetry.

p.s. Keep in mind that you can check out my tumblr page for more frequent posts of pretty pictures, stuffs and musica.

Anyhoo.. let's get on with the fotos..shall we? :))))

my little sister is finally onto her dirty thirties.. that makes me officially an OLD FART!

i just about fainted when i saw this. PINK? and a PIRATE? ... i'm so SOLD. :))))

i got all fancy with my nails the other day... yup. them be cherry blossoms on my nails. fucking fancy huh?? ;D

Held by knifepoint.. little Bobby didn't stand a chance.

me and my sister are sportin' matchin braces... hahaha soccer injuries are quite becoming in our family. woot woot ;D

well the same white line that was drawn on you.. was drawn on me.. and now it's drawn me in.... 6th avenue heartache...........

and that's pretty much it... and i'm gunna end it with this picture.. because i fucking love it and it makes me laugh. BEcause it's absolutely fucking amazing. and Natalie Dee is the shit. I'm sure everyone already knows that.. but in case you don't.. she totally is. SO.. hope you all had a very Happy EASTER and mucho hugs and kisses to everyone! Especially you. :)))) .xoxo.