All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .


I had a really really great & relaxing weekend....
...and then I came back home.

haha I'm kidding.. but seriously.. I went up to Barrie to visit my sister and her man. They just got a new hot tub.. and I've never been in one before. It was pretty fabulous. They already have lots of snow up there so, it's pretty crazy fun having to walk out into the snow in a towel and slippers and walk barefoot up some stairs covered in snow to step into a boiling hot vat of bubbling water.. haha BUT.. it was seriously the most fantastic thing ever. For real for real! Everyone needs to get themselves a hot tub.. pronto! My weekend consisted of hot tubbin, umm snacking.. lol.. dollar store raids, old-skool diner brekkiefesting.. music revivals, and doggies smooshings. I had fun.

I've been doing a whole bunch of thinking lately.
About myself.
About my surroundings.
About my choices.
All that fun stuff.

I think it's time for changes..
in my outlook
in my attitude
in my tolerance... you get the picture.

With that being said.. I think I might need to hibernate a bit.
Mostly cuz I need to sort out my shit
or sick of most of shit out there
or have a lot of shit I need to deal with
or I'm in head deep in too much shit to get a moment to breathe
you kinda get the picture..
lots of SHIT.

Happy holidays to you all. :P


missc said...

HOLY SHIT!! thats a lot of SHIT!

if you wanna talk shit.. im up the street full of shit too..

it takes time to sort out shit.. I have been sorting my shit for the last 3 months.. but my shit is getting better..