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Hair Geek.

Check out this total geekyness that is me.. over two years ago.. when I used to work in the office. hahaha

too hilarious. I look like such a goody two shoes nerd.
BAHAHA go me! : )))))))

I was going through my folders on my computer deleting crap.. cuz i have LOTS of crap.. lemme tell you that much. lol.. and i have so many pix with all the different looks I went through. I was thinking of putting together an album to showcase all the different looks/hairstyles I've had.. cuz let's face it.. haha i'm really all about the changing hair over here.. :))))))

this is another one from almost 2 years ago.. or something like that:

So.. as you can see... I've had the same hairstyle/colour.. for..

For those of you that know me.. you'll also know that I've changed my hair colour/style very FREQUENTLY! lol and i'm so incredibly bored shitless with the same hair all the time.


I guess that's what tends to happen when you grow out your hair.
When it's short.. you have the liberty of changing it as often as you want... and you can trim away dry/dead ends as often as you want.

Anyhoo.. with that being said.. I'm trying desperately to grow out my bangs.. but i keep seeing my old pix.. and pix of others with the short bangs.. and what can i say? i really love the bettie page/pin-up gurL look way too much!!! so, i've decided to grow them out for as long as I'm growing out my layers.. which I also want to get rid of.. and then once it's all one length.. maybe i'll get bangs again.. and that won't be for a while. and then.. i'll chop it ALL off.. and donate it to Locks of Love... which has been the plan all along.

and.. this was a useless post about my hair and crap. haha
but it's my blog.

so.. tough titties.

much love:


Anonymous said...

i have a folder with 218 pictures of you. lol, stalker status i know BUT i know exactly what you mean with all the different hair styles your ass goes through.
PS: i freaking LOVE it!

Giusi. said...

i love my shore <3
: ))))))