All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

A Year's End is officially the last day of my 30th year. and what a long and eventful year it has been... with so so many crazy things that happened.. and unfortunately.... with some very tragic things that happened.. :`(((

it has definitely proven to be one of the hardest years I have overcome in my entire life. with so many downs and dips of despair... and a fountain of tears the never ceased to overflow....

but i have to hold my head up high.. because the ending of this year has proved to be a turning point.. and things seem to be brightening up ahead.. for the first time in a long long time... and I'm excited about what the future brings and all the things I cannot wait to take on.

Here's to my dirty thirty... and all the rest that comes along with it.

:))))) ♥

(Taken directly from my 365 post for today)

Before I end this post, I need to add one more thing.
I finally saw my most favourite girl in the world!!
I won wristbands to a live taping of a Drew Barrymore interview at MuchMusic. How freakin' RAD IS THAT??!?! Seriously.. she's so much amazingness!!!! :))))))

My life is now complete.
BEST.birthday.present. ever!!! :))))))

(the photos are blurry because we weren't allowed to use flash.. and plus my batteries were dying. i know! suckage! but i cannot complain.)

And I would like to end this post with a lovely video.. one of my favourite songs ever.. and a tribute to mister Patrick Swayze. RIP.

Tempesta d'Amore no more....?!?!?

Ok. So.. i have a HUGE beef to pick with E!Montreal ... and their decision to pull the plug on airing Tempesta d'Amore.

I don't really blog all that much anymore... but I've noticed that a lot of people have been visiting my blog as of late looking for information on a new channel where it might be airing or why it ended or how it ended... etc. (Although, I would like to add that it's nice to see that people are actually visiting my blog for stuff that's been posted on it and no longer just stalking it a trillion times a day for sheer boredom or insanity. You pick.)

So.. as you ALL may or may not have known... E! Montreal pulled the plug on airing this italian dubbed soap and went on a Tempesta marathon for a couple of weeks.. having shows twice a day and on Sunday as well.. finally ending it all on the very dreary day of August 30th. *devastation!!!*

Now.. i'm not sure about all of you.. but I record my Tempesta on my PVR box and i catch up on it whenever I can. I'm very busy most times.. as i am a full time student and work as well.. (although this summer, i've worked beyond full time hours to pay for my tuition and then some. and.. i would like to add that i barely made a dent in anything. so so sad..)

anyhoo.. For those who are avid watchers and following closely.. you're already aware that this 3rd part of Tempesta was focusing on Samia and Gregor (my love) and their on and off again romance. Now.. what i do not understand is.. why the hell the rush to end the show and air it twice a day and on sundays too... and then not even end up FINISHING the storyline?!?!?!? what the HELL??? i do NOT get it!!!..???.!?!?

Clearly, by looking online.. you KNOW they get married. Yet.. they do not even GET to that point.. what the hell..????

And let's not forget the 4th storyline.. (oh yes.. there's a 4th)...
Of our loveable Felix and the ever so cute Emma. (seriously. she's so friggen adorable. i love her and felix together and it bugs me that now i'll never be able to even SEE any of that! *shakes fist angrily!!!*)

I'm sorry if I spoiled that for you.. but yah. that's who was shackin up next. don't act so surprised as if you didn't see it coming.. besides.. Felix is long overdue for a romance. ;)

((( You can watch the Sigla for that 4th storyline here: --> CLICKIES )))

So........ why end it without an ending? i don't get it..?? and will it be airing again? on another channel??? another time??? another planet??? who the hell knows anymore! all i know is that i am VERY upset... (no, seriously. i am not even wanting to watch my taped Tempesta shows.. cuz i don't know what i'll do when i have no more... I will have some serious withdrawals.. lol)

SO... i URGE anyone that has ANY information on this.. .to let me know asap. please! it would be so so greatly appreciated. you have no idea. :))))))))))))))))))) .xoxoxoxox.

And........ that's pretty much all i have to say. Except for this next babble (feel free to skip this lame deep verbal vommit part.. now. hahaha)

School starts next week.. my birthday is coming up and Saturn (the planet of life lessons) will be finally leaving my sign from when it entered a year ago. And many lessons I have indeed learned this entire year. With my passport renewed, new beginnings and old tales buried far behind me.. I can finally begin to establish some kind of new life.. in a way.. for myself. I feel terrified of what life swings at me.. but excited and ready to take it all on. And so ready to welcome something completely new and brilliant my way. :))) Hooray for September. Hooray for me.

And ONWARD with yer Tempesta searches!!! Do not disappoint me people!!! *mUaH*

much love:
~G. xoxo.