All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

You're just like a dream...

I just watched the movie 'Just Like Heaven' , which I only watched because I'm so so in love with Mark Ruffalo.. *swoooooooooon*

It basically did two things to me.... well, besides cry like a baby at the end because it was a sapfest movie.. just like i love them ;)) haha yah yah. bite me :P

it just made me love him even more haha could anyone be more amazingly cute, beautiful and so so incredibly yummy and hunky and awesome all rolled up into one package?? no no.. i think not. *faints*

ok ok.. you get the picture. haha


haaaaa.. well, i basically realized i'm going to be a very lonely and sad sad person forever and ever and ever. go team go!! because.. i WANT that most amazing feeling and love to happen to me and i'm still waiting for it to happen. where you just meet that person and you just know! i mean.. maybe not right at first.. but it's like.. well, it just works out that way.. and then it's just SO right! and i have NO idea what i'm talking about.. cuz that shit only happens in the movies right? exactly. it doesn't happen in REAL LIFE. and i know the person i am. and i know i'll never settle for something just there or stay with someone i'm unhappy with. and i know there's no such thing as the perfect love.. the perfect romance.. the perfect relationship.. the perfect man.. etc. but i know in my heart what i want and what i'm looking for.. and i just fear that's just the stuff that all little girls dream of right? it doesn't happen. it never does. but.. you see. i'd rather be alone than not have that.. haaaaaa.. that's the insane part right?? :(((( yah, i kinda figured. i'm just a little weirdo like that i guess. so.. basically.. i'm gunna wait and wait forever for something that most probably will never ever ever happen. and i'll keep watching it in the movies.. and it'll make me burst and feel all gushies and lovies and squishies inside.. and i'll continue living my life in this one big ongoing daydream.. like i've done up until now.... and i'll have crushes on guys.. and i'll move on.... but that one special moment.. that one most amazing thing that everyone is waiting to happen for their entire life.. well.. it doesn't happen for real. so, that's all. i know what i want.. i know what i feel and what i hope and wish for. i don't need to search for it. i don't need to test drive others to figure it out. so, i have insanely idealistic romantic views on how a relationship should be. so, sue me............. it won't stop me from thinking this way. feeling this way. and waiting this way.


The question here is.. how the fuck am i still so hopeful at the end of the day?


missc said...

that guys hot....

love will come... and when it does.. it will be sooo sweet. :)

because you had patients..