All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Death by Boola Boola.

It's 7:00am and I just got home. First we were at Shoeless Joe's in Wood-a-bridge where I was getting molested by drunk and cracked out old divorced men .. (go team go!!).. and then we stalked our buddy a bit and drove around like nutbars.. and then I spent the past 3 hours in the Country Style coffee shop just up the street from my house with Betsy, Steph and Remo where we defaced a magazine, made perverted jokes, gossiped, fought and all kinds of other shit.. til the wee hours of the morning. It was way too much fun to be had... good times. : ))))))

I'm in a much better mood than I have been in the past few days. Yep.

Now.. I want to do the right thing and not go to sleep.. do my homework.. and then go to school.. but who the hell are we kidding here. I'm gunna spoil myself and go to bed and sleep all morning under my duvet all nice and cozy and play hookie and not worry about it.... cuz.. you know what? I need a break. Cuz I've been too overwhelmed and losing my cool this past little while. .. and you know what? I'll take that break any way I can get it.. even if it means having to miss out on a class for one day. And I don't even feel guilty..... is that so terrible?

It's me time. And I'm feeling pretty damn good right now.....

I'm on a high.. on a high.. there's nothing else to it, yeah..

Have a most lovely day every.
much love:

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missc said...

aww happy to hear you had a cheery night!! you need it.. :)

Giusi. said...

haha thanks. I totally just woke up too LMAO remind me to tell you something.. lol i didn't wanna write it on here.. i'll save it for one of our talks over coffee. Then you can fill me in about yer stuff.