All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

I thought it was a bird, but it was just a paper bag.

For every decision I made impulsively in the past out of sheer protection/{reaction} of myself, I now know that perhaps {at times} I acted too hastily.

For every feeling that I felt so deeply, I now know that nothing could ever shake that.

For every glance I stole so secretly, I now know were wasted eyefuls of nonsense & futility.

For every thing I thought I knew, I now know that I really know absolutely nothing at all.

So, I'll just listen to my music and take fotos. { and keep to myself }

    rubber ducky.

    beyond the big hill.

    i cuori matti.

P.S. I just found my new bestest, most favourite site in the whole entire world. ^__^
{ }

much love:
~G .xoxo.

Vorrei passare nel mondo come un soffio di vento

I cannot believe it's already been one year since my cousin has left us so suddenly. I think about him all the time and my heart breaks when I think about everything that has been left behind.

What hurts me the most is that under such circumstances.. you would think that the loss of a dear loved one would bring people together and unite them. That you would learn not to take things for granted and not to hold such anger and hatred in your hearts. But I feel as if my cousin's life has been lost in vain.. without having even caused a dent in the hearts and minds of certain individuals... and that kills me so much. How dare they feud and rage over these nonexistent petty and trivial things when someone we love so much had to leave us? How dare they point fingers and whisper such hateful things and tear down bridges? I'm appalled at the behavior of so many adults but mostly I am saddened.. that there cannot be peace after all that has come to be.

My cousin is no longer here with us. He's gone Forever. And I miss him so much all the time. I'm so sorry that even after you are gone these people have refused to see the light.. but only made everything much more worse. I'm so sorry my cousin... I am so so sorry :(

Mi manchi da morire, cugino mio.
Per sempre sarai nei miei pensieri e nel mio cuore.

♥ ♥ ♥

      Vorrei passare nel mondo
      come un soffio di vento
      che accarezza la vita:
      senza farsi notare,
      senza fare rumore,
      solo farsi sentire.
      Penetrare nel cuore
      dove l'uomo non muore
      e nascondersi là:
      per godere l'amore,
      poi un raggio di sole
      là nell'intimità.

      E cantare sui prati
      sussurrando agli uccelli:
      io t'invidio lo sai
      per la tua libertà.
      E sentirmi volare
      proprio dove mi pare
      per toccare il mio cielo
      e arrivare di là.

      Vorrei passare nel mondo
      come un soffio di vento
      che accarezza i bambini:
      far sentire la brezza
      di un mattino diverso
      in un mondo che muore.
      Camminare e parlare
      della vita e di tutto
      e giocare anche un po':
      ed in fondo t'accorgi
      che un bambino t'insegna
      ciò che tu non sai più.

      E cantare sui prati
      sussurrando agli uccelli:
      io t'invidio lo sai
      per la tua libertà.
      E sentirmi volare
      proprio dove mi pare
      per toccare il mio cielo
      e arrivare di là.

      Vorrei passare nel mondo
      come un soffio di vento
      che va verso il Signore:
      spalancare la vita
      sull'eterno presente
      che riempie il mio cuore.
      Io mi sento disperso
      nell'amore di Dio
      che non finirà più:
      ogni istante è una vita
      che io sento infinita,
      il mio soffio sei tu.

      E cantare sui prati
      sussurrando agli uccelli:
      io t'invidio lo sai
      per la tua libertà.
      E sentirmi volare
      proprio dove mi pare
      per toccare il mio cielo
      e arrivare di là...

[ Come Un Soffio Di Vento - Giosy Cento ]

So make a move, cuz i ain't got all night

Boredom strikes!

Which leads to:

  1. laying on the couch while playing Bubble Burst and listening to tunes on digital radio station,

  2. doodling cute girls with cute hair and rockin' outfits and writing fake love notes that i never intend to send

  3. giving up being bored.. and dragging my ass back online to be more bored over here

MissC is sick at home.. otherwise we would be somewhere else being bored together.. at least.. which would probably be less boring. But nothing is dull and boring when we go near it. Impossible. We make running laps around the airport an event never to be forgotten!

But she is sick. And I am car-less. So, I blog.

While I was browsing away.. I came across an artist who is now one of my favourites. She is so beyond talented and I want one of her paintings on my wall. Look how amazing these are:

Anyhoo, you must go and check her out here

On another note.. I'd just like to add that I'm 40 days away from completing my 365 Days project. I'm actually a tad sad about it.. but I'll be glad to not have the pressure of having to take a foto every single day. I will compile a collage of sorts when I'm done and make a post about it. Maybe...

Day 323 / 365

Two more weekends until it's dance time. I'm ready.

So.. Hey.. I'm sure you've all noticed I've completely revamped my blog. The old one was very dreary and dark.. and I was tired of it. I needed something a lot more bright and plain. Yep.

Sleep beckons me now. I'm an old fart and I have class tomorrow.

Plus, I'm getting my hair done. Tomorrow, that is.
I'm excited.

much love:
~G. xoxo.

P.S. This poem makes me feel ill. :(

Always, Sometimes, Never

I stole this from my friend Jen's blog. She always posts amazing things... and I quite liked this little bit of thing she wrote out. So.. here is my always, sometimes and never list. I'm sure i could write a thousand more things for each of them.. but this is what i wrote for now.

I always:

- daydream
- want to learn new things
- keep a journal by my bed (I should write in it more…)
- make wishes on things
- cross my fingers
- want to give everyone advice.. (even when they don’t ask)
- am polite
- swear too much
- listen to music
- have many projects on the go
- express my feelings through songs
- laugh. A lot.
- want to do everything
- speak in code and write words with hidden meanings
- say “dood!”
- have been shy when I like someone
- squish my moo moo kitty faces, Lilly
- cook too much food
- have an abundance of hope.. (though, I haven’t the faintest clue why…)
- was a loner by choice
- only buy AE boy undies
- rewatch my favourite movies several times
- want to be just the way I am

I sometimes:

- really love cheesy songs
- am not totally and completely impulsive with my feelings
- become obsessed with new things I like, then lose interest quickly
- read my own books (that aren’t school textbooks)
- buy things I do not need
- bite the inside of my lip
- wear make-up
- sing loudly while walking & listening to my headphones (when no one’s around..)
- imagine things that were never really like that. Ever.
- put the music full blast and dance around like a nutcase
- wish the way I thought about things was different. It would be so much easier…
- make crafty things & bake cuteness
- watch my VHS tapes and listen to cassettes, while my sister laughs at me

I never:

- find what I’m looking for
- am clingy.. and I hate clinginess in people
- take naps
- get over it
- do what’s best for me as much as I should be…
- go after boys I like. Ever. If they really liked you, they’d go after you.
- let my friends down
- want to go back
- want to be a dull grown-up.
- throw out my shoes
- will outgrow No Doubt. Ever.
- leave my hair my natural colour cuz I think it’s so dull
- know how to say what I want. So.. I just don’t say anything at all.
- want to stop caring this much
- untie my laces when I take off my shoes
- want to live far from my family
- understand most people
- expect anyone to understand me
- want to let the magic die

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be... Blue?

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I feel the need to post because I want to blog and post all kinds of stuff..... but I have a bit of an issue. I've been feeling SO uninspired lately. I'm not sure if it's because of the doldrums of winter that drag me down... or if it's because I've just been too busy lately without anything really new and exciting to add zest to my life... but either way.. I feel as if I am in some sort of stagnant lull for the time being and I'm not quite sure how to veer out of it... or if I'm supposed to be out of it right now. Either way, It's driving me insane. I crave something new and invigorating so so badly... it hurts. A bit dramatic.. aren't I. ;D

My incessant need for grandeur, glamour and greatness is a tad suffocating at the moment. Not that I need to be great and glam or anything like that. I just need a little bit of spice and seasoning to flavour it up for a short little while at least. Unfortunately... being a student who has taken out no loans and is paying out of her own little pockets means that I have neither the time nor money to do so. Mostly... the time.

I could sit here and post random crap that means nothing... or I can sit here and bitch and whine about shit that I'm not pleased with as of late... but it is nothing new that I haven't dealt with previously.. so, even complaining about it is boring.

I can post fotos of cute and fun things... like, my cookies:

my super duper most amazing mittens:

me feetsies in these B-A-N-A-N-A-S toe socks:

....but my fotos are all dull and boring too lately. As I'm nearing the end of my 365 project... I've run out of ideas for fotos as well as the motivation and drive to conjure up exciting and incredible photo shoot ideas. Blah...

I'm so bored with myself that I'm even sitting here rolling my eyes thinking.. "yer gunna post this crap..? Really?" .. hahaaaa yes.. I frequently have conversations with myself.

I know that I have a crapload of plans for the near future and I know that in time there's a big change coming on... and I'm excited for all of it. But I'm impatient. And I want something new.. as of yesterday!! and not tomorow.

So, I say to you all...

Somebody; Anybody.. come and inspire me. I dare you to.

much love:
~G .xoxo.