All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

'Tis the season : )))))

Ok, seriously.. this has got to be one of the funniest things ever. My sister sent me this in an email and I just about died laughing. Check it out.. and then make one yourself. :))))))

**clickies here**

p.s. Did you know yesterday was day 333 of the year?

A word of advice.

Try not to hope too much. Try not to hold someone up so highly. Try not to hold your breath.

Disappointment still stings like hell each and every single time.

: (((

Sweet Keepsakes.

I still have this...

...and it makes me smile.


Should've done something...

...but i've done it enough.

Get smarter for a greater cause!

This website has made it so that they quiz you on your vocabulary and for every word you get correct, they donate 10 grains of rice to the hungry. "10 grains isn't that much???" you might say... but well, the point is that you continue to play and it adds up when loads of people are clicking away at this. So, while you're feeding the hungry, you're learning all sorts of new and interesting words and building up your vocab. How can you go wrong? Visit it, spend hours on it and then pass it along to all your friends.

I would like to leave this city.

I <3 you, Indiana Jones.



Left or Right?

I just don't know which way to go....


....and you're not giving me any reasons to choose your way.

It hurts and I can't remember sunlight..

Ok. I am officially disappointed.

I was so beyond excited when I heard that Early Winter was going to be Gwen's new single because if you don't already know, it's my favourite song off the entire Sweet Escape album. It's so beautiful.. It really is a gorgeous song. I've had it playing on my xanga for about a year now if you want to hear the entire song (go there for those who know the link to it.. otherwise. tough titties). Ok.. so, what can I say. The video is out.. and much like the 4 in the morning video.. the Early Winter video leaves a LOT to be desired. Well, sure Gwen looks fabulous in it. We already KNOW Gwen looks fabulous, we don't need to reassert that anymore than it already has been. So.. what's my problem? Well, with such a beautiful and profound song like this one, it lacks a storyline.. just more Gwen rolling around and being her pretty little self. For those who just want to see Gwen looking fantastic.. you shall not be disappointed.. this video will have you most excited. But... .i want a storyline..when you're able to do so much with a video.. why not do it? I want a storyline.., a really dramatic and sad one full of despair and aching and all other sorts of painful and melancholic emotions.. because that's what the song's about. It seems promising at first with the dood thrown in there making it seem like there's going to be some sort of love story happening.. but alas.. no.. there isn't. Just Gwen frolicking with the boy and rolling and giggling on the floor. Loads of Gwen close-ups and more Gwen rolling about. I'm so beyond disappointed and I was really hoping for a lot more than this.. especially with my huge disappointment with 4 in the morning. To make matters worse, they've cut several parts of song short.. yes.. they're cut short. why? well, i haven't the slightest idea why.. and frankly.. i couldn't care less. This is one video i do not care to watch.. and I'll just continue to listen to the song on its own. It's still my favourite song.. and if you get a chance, listen to the full track on its own, sans video.

Here's the video. Let me know what you think:

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Hello, my name is Giuseppina..and I'm a sing-a-holic.

haha.. yah..there's no other way to put it. and to top it all off, I'm incredibly obsessed and addicted with this karaoke site called singsnap.. I have over 200 recordings on there. Some videos too..some damn hilarious videos too with props and wigs and friends and sisters.etc. haha always a fun time.
: )))))

Anyhoo, I just found out i can link them onto sites and stuff.. so, i'm gunna post the last song I just did.. and it's not very good at all.. lol... but i'm not really caring. I know i'm not the best singer out there. Plus, I got a wicked ass sore throat/cough thing happening right now which was killer while I was trying to sing this song. But anyhoos.. i likes it. so, i'm going to TORTURE all your asses with my craptacular singing. bahahaha don't be too mean. please. thanks. : )))))


So. here it is. My great big fantastical singing debut on blogger. w00t w00t!

Gwen is a carbon copy of her.

Seriously.. the similarities are insane. Check it out. Meet Cyrinda Foxe.. and no, I've never heard of her before so, please excuse my ignorance. She's Mia Tyler's mom (i love her) and was married to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. She was pretty much a groupie most of her life and hung out with the big guys. Anyhoo.. as soon as I saw these photos of her.. the likeness to singer Gwen Stefani is incredible! I wonder if Gwen knows who she is. Maybe she's trying to look like her.. who knows. But she has that same style happening too.. weird. Anyhoo, check it out. This is awesome... especially the last photo.

Cyrinda Foxe (Tyler)

and check her out in the video Jean Genie by David Bowie (she was the inspiration for the song)

p.s. if you don't know what Gwen Stefani looks like.. then you have bigger issues at hand.. :P

Between a rock and a hard place.

I've never felt so insecure about anything in my whole entire life than how I do about this right now. And I haven't the slightest clue on how to go about things. And I'm left feeling so sad and confused and unsure and angry. And I don't know who I should blame. I wish it were easier to talk about things, but lately I've been keeping it all inside because I honestly don't even know how I'm feeling about things and what I want. It's so hard for me to talk about my emotions. They're all over the place. And right now.. they're just about ready to jump on the next train and high tail it outta here.

Fashion Sense in the 70s.

Ok.. i did not write this myself. It was someone else's blog. I'd link you.. but it was passed on through an email forward and I don't have the original address. But I had to share with everyone because it was just way too damn hilarious. Enjoy!

Last weekend I put an exhaust fan in the ceiling for my wife's grandfather.
While my wife's brother and I were fitting the fan in between the joists, we
found something under the insulation. What we found was this:

A JC Penney catalog from 1977. It's not often blog fodder just falls in my
lap, but holy hell this was two solid inches of it, right there for the
taking. I thumbed through it quickly and found my next dining room set,
which is apparently made by adding upholstery to old barrels:

Also, I am totally getting this for my bathroom:

There's plenty more home furnishings where those came from, however I'm not
going to bore you with that. Instead, I'm going to bore you with something
else. The clothes.

The clothes are fantastic.

Here's how to get your ass kicked in elementary school:

Just look at that belt. It's like a boob-job for your pants. He probably
needed help just to lift it into place. The belt loops have to be three
inches long. And way to pull them up to your armpits, grandpa.

Here's how to get your ass kicked in high school:

This kid looks like he's pretending to be David Soul, who is pretending to
be a cop who is pretending to be a pimp that everyone knows is really an
undercover cop. Who is pretending to be 15.

Here's how to get your ass kicked on the golf course:

This "all purpose jumpsuit" is, according to the description, equally
appropriate for playing golf or simply relaxing around the house.
Personally, I can't see wearing this unless you happen to be relaxing around
your cell in D-block. Even then, the only reason you should put this thing
on is because the warden made you, and as a one-piece, it's slightly more
effective as a deterrent against ass-rapery.

Here's how to get your ass kicked pretty much anywhere:

If you look at that picture quickly, it looks like Mr. Bob "No-pants" Saget
has his hand in the other guy's pocket. In this case, he doesn't, although
you can tell just by looking at them that it's happened - or if it hasn't
happened it will. Oh yes. It will. As soon as he puts down his matching
coffee cup.

Here's how to get your ass kicked at the beach:

He looks like he's reaching for a gun, but you know it's probably just a>bottle of suntan lotion in a holster.

How to get your ass kicked in a meeting:

If you wear this suit and don't sell used cars for a living, I believe you
can be fined and face serious repercussions, up to and including
termination. Or imprisonment, in which case you'd be forced to wear that
orange jumpsuit.

How to get your ass kicked on every day up to and including St. Patrick's

Dear god in heaven, I don't believe that color exists in nature. There is NO
excuse for wearing either of these ensembles unless you're working as a body
guard for the Lucky Charms leprechaun.

In this next one, Your Search For VALUE Ends at Penneys.

As does your search for chest hair.

And this -- Seriously. No words.

Oh wait, it turns out that there are words after all. Those words are What.
The. F*ck. I'm guessing the snap front gives you quick access to the chest
hair. The little tie must be the pull tab.

Also, judging by the sheer amount of matching his/hers outfits, I'm guessing
that in 1977 it was considered pretty stylish for couples to dress alike.
These couples look happy, don't they?

I am especially fond of this one, which I have entitled "Cowboy Chachi Loves
You Best."

And nothing showcases your everlasting love more than the commitment of
matching bathing suits. That, and a blonde girl with a look on her face that
says "I love the way your junk fights against that fabric."

Then, after the lovin', you can relax in your one-piece matching terry cloth

I could go on, but I'm tired, and my eyes hurt from this trip back in time.>I think it's the colors. That said, I will leave you with these tasteful
little numbers:

Man, that's sexy.

Mamma! mamma! mammma!!

one of my favourite clips ever!! :))))

Lack of Motivation...

I don't know what my deal is.. but ever since I've been sick, I've lost so much.. if not all.. motivation. I have no desire to do anything or accomplish anything or any will to just move forward. I feel like I'm just kinda stuck in this one page. I'm not sure if it's because I've fallen so far behind from being absent from school for so long or if I picked up some mild depression from being stuck in bed for so long. Or maybe I feel so overwhelmed with so many emotions that I'm experiencing a system shut down.. who the hell knows anymore. Blahh...

Anyhoo, my good friend is getting married in two weeks. We went out for her stagette Friday night and it was a blast.. lots of dancing.. and even more embarrassing moments for the bride-to-be. I went for my dress fitting yesterday and it was actually really beautiful. Although, I still have NO idea how I want my hair (obviously an updo of sorts.. but yah.. no idea what..). Anyhoo.. congratulations Mari. I wish you all the best and lots of luck with married life. You'll need it.. hehehe just keeeeding. ; )) Love yah! *mUaH*