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Arctic Monkeys.

they're pretty fabulous. unfortunately.. i'm missing their concert. cuz.. it's sold out. there are a few concerts i'm missing... cuz of time/money/etc...
Taking Back Sunday is thursday night... *cries* and the Used (taste of chaos tour) is on friday!! damn you people.. i LOVE TBS and i'm so broken up about that.. Placebo and Feist...(on the same night of BRMC).. damn damn damn! it's just too unfair.

i AM, however, going to the BlackRebelMotorcycleCLub concert. so, get yer tickets and join le posse and let's tear that shit up.. hells yah. they're a great band and you should check them out. boooyah.

anyhoo, back to my original topic.. the arctic monkeys are pretty damn fab.. and this is one of my fave songs of the moment. it's actually a cover of the Girls Aloud song.. but they do it much better. trust me on this one. yep yep.

check it out:

Retro Romance.

Lullaby a la No Doubt StyLies

I need to own this. It's terribly cute.
This shall be my new night time CD.
and maybe one day.. my babies will have nightmares from being forced to listen it a thousand times over and over and over again.
tee hee

click on the pic above or here to have a listen
or to order yer own copy today.

much love:

p.s. exams are seriously kicking my ass. hard.
p.p.s. My WIND SYMPHONY Concert is next Sunday.
Be there. or be square. it'll be fabulous.

A Big FAT Rant.

It's dead!!

Dood. My computer friggen DIED on me. it's totally and completely DEAD. I'm so fucking broken up over it. Ugh.. I really hope I can retrieve the data on there still. This blows fucking chunks. I can't even afford to get it fixed even if I wanted to.

I'm sneaking time on my sister's laptop.. since she never lives here anymore anyways. HOBO. GRrries.

Work was a tad weird today.. how come I get the feeling that some things were said? I dunno.. maybe I'm just reading into shit too much.. but by the comments I was getting it's hard not to think that. I hope I'm wrong. I would be seriously unimpressed.

Buonanomastico a me. (that means it's my saint name day, you hobo faces. happy San Giuseppe day!! hehe). My dad bought zeppole and force fed me them this morning. greatness. and then i had this insane tummy ache for the rest of the day. pretty fabulous if you ask me.

K.. i REALLY need to finish this paper SOON.. and I mean.. soooooooooooon.

Here's a great oldie video. Good times.

Alkaline Trio.

I don't talk about them enough.
Therefore, I'm dedicating this entry to them and my love for them <3

They rule your face off.

Matt Skiba is kooLer than you.

My favourite song by them:
Blue in the Face.

(there's no real video for this song.
Excuse the gheyness of this fan video...)


I miss you, come back.

It's been a three year hiatus with Gwen going off on her own and doing the solo stuff. Well, I'm sick of it. They need to get back together already. Grrrrrries!!! It's been far too long.

I know they're working on their album that won't be released until next year.. but that's too long to wait. *sigh*

I miss No Doubt.