All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

"Fuck that horseshit, nothing is forgiven on x-mas".

I dunno what it is about Christmas.. maybe people feel like it's one of those special times of the year where you think all is forgiven. Everyone's all nice..etc. Happy.. Cheery.. etc. But why someone who you haven't talked to in forever decides to message you on Christmas day like they're being nice and sweet and all that.. is beyond me. LOL.. it just means.. you're a coward the rest of the time to say anything and have to wait until the bonified day of Christmas in order to get a word out.. simply relying on the possibility that good cheer will be in that person's heart and they'll respond sweetly back to you.. forgetting anything and everything from before.

Riiiiiiiiight. LOL

Lemme tell you something.. there be no good cheer in this girl's heart right now. None. Zippo. Zilch. The only good cheer I have to share.. is that for my family and friends whom I love with all my heart... and for those less fortunate than me. That's about it. Trust this point in time.. i have none to spare cuz it's seriously lacking and extremely scarce. (grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)

So, this certain asshat decided to txt me Merry Christmas this morning at 9:00am. (You know the one.. the dood i was gushing about all summer long). Haven't talked to him in forever.. cuz.. oh, let me remember.. he was an ASSHAT and i told him to not call me ever again. something along those lines... Anyways, I didn't respond. Well, actually, I was going to respond to the msg's.. because I'm one of those suckers that's too nice and feels bad..etc. and was thinking.. "man.. it's Christmas.. isn't there some rule about being kind and forgiveness or some shit like that?".. but others put it in a much better perspective for me. Since clearly i am incapable... lol

As one of them said to me... lol.. they shouldn't abuse Santa's goodness!! Santa is NOT A TOY!


Damn it.. I was actually posting cuz i wanted to post this video from yesterday while i was killing time and waiting for my sister to come by the house... but it failed last night.. and it didn't upload. :((((( So, I'll have to post it later... I gotta get ready to head up north and have Christmas dinner at my sister's place. weeeeeeee.. we're having turkey for the first time ever.. on Christmas hahaha .. wowwieeeeee.hehe ;)))

So, have a fabulous and wonderful Christmas day everyone! I hope Santa was really good to you! Hug your family/friends today and be thankful for everything that you have!!

much love: