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So, my good friend Saadia always hooks me up with a couple of free VIP passes to the show every year cuz her husband is the CEO of the company that brings this most spectacular event to Toronto.

Click on the picture below to view the photos:

There were a lot more cars this year.. but it wasn't quite as exciting as last year's show, I have to say. Mainly because last year they actually had a few classic cars entered into the show. But there seemed to be a lot more scantilly clad models this year.. which kinda makes me giggle... cuz, well.. I'll let you in on a little secret... umm.. NONE of these models are getting paid for any of this. The only one getting paid is the Importfest Feature model. So.. these girls are dressed in nearly nothing.. and have to hump cars all day long in uber high heels.. have disgusting dorky and nasty guys paw at them ALL day long.. while taking close-up pix of their tits and ass so they can go home and jerk off to them later.. and smile smile smile!!.... for NOT even a CENT. haaaaaaa... that's pretty bad if you ask me. yep. But hey.. tis not my life. Just thought I'd throw that out there for all you lovely people.

Oh.. and the WEIRDEST thing happenend at the show. One of those bizzarro type moments only to be left for unsolved mysteries or one of those equally freakishly freaky tv series. So.. if you don't know.. well, my digital camera has a REMARKABLE zoom on it. It's 12x optical zoom and 48x digital zoom.. so, I can pretty much zooooooom in HELLA close to pretty much ANYTHING! So.. we were way up at top.. sitting down.. taking a break.. having some coffee. chillin out.. when I decided to mess around and see what I could zoom in on and take more pix of. So, I'm standing up and see this booth with the words ROCKSTAR over it and I zoom over to that and I'm trying to focus in on it and get a clear pic of the black and gold car that's underneath it.. when suddenly.. this guy walks into my shot. ... ... ..... I could recognize that gait anywhere!! And I look up.. but obviously I can't see from where I'm sitting cuz I'm waaaaaaaaay too far. So, I focus in again with my camera.. and it looks SO much like him.. and I'm thinking.. there's NO way. but dood! it looks way too much like him. his same movements and everything... but I can't really tell so much cuz the screen is just too little on my camera... and so, I just shrug it off and don't think about it anymore. Then when I get home I start going through my pix, editing them and such.. I had completely forgotten about that entire incident.. until I got to that photo. ... ... and my heart just kinda stops for a split second.

It was him.

.. and I was kinda freaked out.. cuz of ALL the places.. he had to be there.. and HAPPEN to walk by the exact spot where I just so happened to zoom in on. So, how's that for totally weird and bizarre???? Good times... :-///

Anyhoo... I don't have anything more to say. I should be off to bed because I have to work tomorrow.. and of course soccer (MissC! if ya read this.. don't forget you need to drop off my soccer shoes!! i neeeeeeeed them to play! tomorrow! it's URGENT! haha).. so, I'm incredibly beat. Have a great night everyone.


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Anonymous said...

id like to see this picture.
oh wait, you most likely deleted it already.

Giusi. said...

ha i didn't delete it. i'll show you next time. but i had a better close-up pic of him on my camera but deleted it by accident while i was showing my friend at the show.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you are absolutely wrong. Being a model of importfest last saturday myself.. A LOT of the models DO get paid. Do your research before you assume and accuse that all of us girls are just skanky little bitches voluntarily trying to show off our bodies to get guys all turned on.. It is a JOB that also PAYS. It is unfortunate that there ARE girls that do come to the shows and degrade themselves, which makes the rest of us looks trashy, But that DOES NOT MEAN we are all like that. There are girls that are trying to get into the modeling business and takes this job very seriously. It's not an easy job, and obviously you wouldn't know - since you're not a model yourself. So I suggest the next time you want to type up some dumbshit like you know what the fuck you're talking about, do your fuckin research first, before you open up your goddamn mouth. You need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and realize you're the one that's really the sad one for trying to put down other girls only to make yourself feel better. Get a life.

Giusi. said...

That's kinda funny, because my friend assures me none of the models are getting paid.. and.. would you look at that..? They're the owners of importfest. So, it's not coming out of their pocket. So.. I guess they must be completely wrong and talking out of their asses. Which I sincerely doubt.

SOME of the models were *NOT* skanked out and having guys all over them and had big name sponsers.. including a friend of mine.. who was probably the best looking girl there. But.. that was only a small handful.. and the rest were as I described earlier.

But of course.. seeing as this is *MY* blog and I'm completely allowed to say what I want, think what I want and generalize, be a prick, be nice, be whatever I want to be.. then you bet your ass I will continue to do so. And I stand by what I said. Because it was an obsvervation I made... a very good one I might add. I call it as I see it.

So, if you want to get your panties in a bunch.. then go for it sweetie. I don't need to talk trash about people to make myself feel better.. but you seem to need to defend yourself and prove a point to some random stranger.. to make YOURSELF feel better. SO, whatever floats yer boat. :))


P.S. btw... I never ONCE said they were skanky little bitches.. so, you're obviously reading it wrong. a tad defensive..are we??

Anonymous said...

Importfest Owners obviously don't pay for the models, their sponsorships/teams that hires them do. Dumbass.

Giusi. said...

Oh dear God in heaven. OK.. What part of "most of the models" don't get paid don't you understand? Only the big name sponsor models get paid. which are maybe 2-3 of the big booths. the rest of them standing around.. don't get paid by importfest.. or anyone. I'm sorry if I haven't made my posts clear or basic enough for some people do comprehend. Actually, I'm not sorry at all. :)


Anonymous said...

Get'em giusi!
I agree with you - SKANKY SLUTS - oh wait, you didn't say that?
Sorry - I must has misunderstood!
Carry On!