All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Happy Halloween.


have a most fabulous halloweeney time.
stuff yer face with loads of candies and chocolates.
dress up. dress up. dress up.
smear on some make-up.
be fabulous. be creepy.
be anything you want!
*mua ha ha ha ha ha ha*

Love ya loads.

~g. ♥

(p.s. I'll post halloween pix later cuz i still have some to take tonight and i'll do it all at once.)

Butterflies in my stomach.

I'm so nervous about tonight.

I've performed so many times; I've been in music ensembles for most of my life, performed concert solos, accepted awards, sang live on national tv, danced, sang, and strutted my way across countless stages, sang in front of judges for Canadian Idol (, and we all know I'm a regular karaoke fanatic who's never afraid to belt out any tune while dancing.

But.. this is different.

I've never acted before. This is new to me. It's proving to be a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Getting in character is hard work. Especially when that character is nothing like you. So, I'm sitting here.. rehashing my lines over and over again trying to get them dead on.. while the clock ticks and showtime draws nearer and nearer. It's insanely .. hrm.. well, a few words come to mind: Terrifying; distressful; nerve-racking; frightening.. er.. you get the picture.

I'm nervous as hell.


*takes a deep breath*

So, off I go to play Mariuzza and hopefully I won't forget any of my lines.
Wish me luck!!

much love:

Let me be the one that shines with you.

OK PEOPLE! i totally stole this blog idea from the most lovely missc because she's smart and i was like "hey! that's genius! i'm teeefing yer idea, bizznatch!" haha well, not quite like that. but along those lines. minus the gangstah lingo. lol

sooooo... here goes:


HALLOWEEN is just around the corner... and i STILL have no clue what to dress up as. I know a few people threw around some ideas.. some pretty neat.. some pretty typical.. some just kinda lame.. haha but still.. i want to hear them all.. bad or good cuz i NEED some ideas.. hopefully some of them will spark some incredibly kick-ass costume ideas for me.. and i'll have something fabulously halloweeny and fun to wear next week.

Just some little bits of info pour vous:

1) You DO NOT need to have an account on here to post me comments. Anyone can post.. and HELL! you can even post anonymously.. imagine that!! (That's for all you *cough*stalkers*cough* out there!!). That goes for all my posts/entries.

2) I have NO money.. so, don't suggest something that will require me to go out and buy some elaborate costume/accessories.. which i obviously cannot afford at the moment.

3) Don't suggest something slutty please. Not happening. nope. nuh-uh. no way, josé.

I was joking to my friends saying that I was going to be a CHola for Halloween.. draw in my eyebrows with a sharpie and wear tube sox with my man slippers. HAHAHAHAHA.. and i came up with this sweet-ass picture LMAO

toooooooo hilarious.
I'm latina. it's the troof.. lol

anyhooo.. that's it. that's all.
OH.. one more thing.
We're having two shows. Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.
Wish me luck. Please.... :))))))))))))

I'll leave you with this picture of me and the love of my life.
(I totally look like a drag queen in this picture. bua hahahaha love it!)

now GO COMMENT CRAZY with halloween costume ideas please.
THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!! :))))))))))))


much love:

p.s. i MUST stop drunk texting him. haha he's going to think i'm crazy drunk pirate hooker face and never talk to me again. hahahahahaha. word.

It's really good to hear your voice...

Saying my name.. it sounds so sweet....

I'm obsessed with this song.
(and this movie)

Far from home; I just don't want to be found...

i'm so tired. i worked 11 hours today.
ELEVEN hours.
then had play rehearsal.
tomorrow i have school all day.
then rehearsal.
which is pretty much everyday this week.
cuz our play is on the weekend.
it's disgusting really.
too much to do.
WAY too much.

and i worked all day yesterday and it was soooo busy and hectic and uberly INSANE!!


but. there's this guy at my work who is seriously the funniest person ever.
he cracks me up.
he needs to write all the shit he says.
i swear..
it's the funniest shit i've ever heard.
so, that helps the work days go by a lot quicker and easier.


hehe :)))

we also had our first football match yesterday..(which, i might add, we were brutally RAPED and MURDERED in-- hoorah for PRO teams that sign up to house leagues. effin CHEATS.) Now i am SO VERY sore. it hurts all over.

and on that note...
it's way too late and i need to be in bed.

i'm feeling mopey and disgusting lately.

i hate it so much.


p.s. i have to wear braids for my play.
i'm playing a 17 year old. go team go!

(notice the absence of red bangs....? yah. they went bye bye.)

I don't want this anymore.

I'm disappointed in so much.
I dislike the world around me so much.
I'm unhappy with a lot surrounding me.

People are a farce.
With painted masks they walk around..
like RATS in a fucking maze.
Following it in circles...
Of a game they think they should be playing.
Of a road they think they should be following.

Keep your sympathies and words of encouragement.
It was never there before.
I don't need them now.
or ever.

* * *

Kiss me goodbye
when I'm on my own
but you know that I'd rather be home...

I forgot about these.

These are some screen captures Kevin did for me from the videos I took at the Gwen concert.

My camera took really clear pix and videos. The videos are posted on MySpace in the videos section if you haven't see them already.

Click on the photo below to see the entire set of the pix from the screen captures.
(The photos I took are in my flickr album.)

Once again, thank you so much Kevin.

much love:

p.s. Happy Friday the 13th everybody. *mua ha ha ha ha*


Dove andro senza te, io non lo so
A parlare con buio mi perdero
Con l’amico più carro mi sfoghero
Con la voce sempre più stanca..

Dove andro senza te, io non lo so
Sulle muri il tuo nome scivero
Ce ne sollo nel letto impaziero
La tua foto sul petto e gridero.....

Ciao amore..

ciao amore.

ciao amore.

Tu che credi sempre in questi grandi amore..
ma poi non e cosi.

I stay away from boys.

But really.. I think they stay away from me.

I sometimes wonder....
well, I won't tell you what I wonder because I won't allow myself to go down that road.
It's one of those doors better left unopened.
You just can't ever can go back.

It's almost been three years.
It doesn't seem that long ago..

yet it seems like it was so forever ago.

New love..?
Not a chance.
Not even a glimmer all the while.

I'm not looking for it.
I'm not waiting for it.
I think I've given up on it.
Stopped expecting to see it around the corner.




This blog is lame.
Because I have nothing to say.
I just want to mope.
Cuz I feel like ass.


I really would love for once for someone else to come and take all this weight off my shoulders and make it all better .. tell me it's going to all be alright... tell me you're going to make sure of it. I really want a somebody to be that for me. To do that for me. All I ever wanted was stability, security and a solidness to build everything else upon. Is that too much to ask for?


[ A Day of Thanks. ]

I'm thankful for my beautiful family.
I'm thankful for my gorgeous friends.
I'm thankful for my incredible life.
I'm thankful for music and dance. *heart*
I'm thankful for my choices.
I'm thankful for the roof over my head.
I'm thankful for the food that I eat.
I'm thankful for my most adorable Lilly who makes me smile excessively.
I'm thankful for the sunshine, the rain that falls,
the misty mornings and the chilly, starlit nights.
I'm thankful for my freedom to express myself.
I'm thankful that we're never short of beer and drinks. ;))

Thank you God.
and thank you everyone.
for all the little and big things you do
that add so many amazing & wonderful things to my life.



much love:

She looks like she gave a blowjob to a powdered donut.

I HATE the girly time of the month. I'm craving salty things like insane. I don't crave sweets ever. It's more like PRINGLES or FRIES or fried chinese noodles or something. DAMN YOU!!

FYI. The previous blog was pure jokes. Me and my friend were bored and silly and wanted to take hilarious pictures. Because we're so fucking sexy and want to show off that shit, y0.. cuz we like to expose all our goods all over teh InTerNet. booya!
(we are not really dirty sluts. we like to keed around.)

ANYWAYS.. I'm in extreme pain over here and have been all week. Let me tell you my quick story. So, last night I decided to take two Tylenol 2's instead of one.. because the previous night I took one and it didn't really do anything. SO, they start kicking in and I start getting all loopy and tripping out bad on them.. THANK GAWD I had Carrie and some others calming me down online.. or I would have had some serious ass panic attic freaking the FUCK out thinking I was about to overdose on pills. BAHAHA.. omg. Seriously.. pills scare me and I hate taking meds. So, Thank you Carrie for saving me from INSANITY last night while I was on drugs. LOL.. I think I'll stick to my Advil... eep.

I don't really have much else to say so, I'll end it off with a couple of photos:

I bought a new hat and I lurves it so much. Hooray for autumn cozyness!

My kitty is seriously the cutest ball of cuddliness in the entire world. word.

like i said. C - U - T - E - S - T ! ! !

much love:

Hookers on Fonix.

Today we're having a two for the price of one dealio.

Get'em while they're HOT to TROTTTT!!!...

Rawr......... ;))))))))))

[ we are ready & willing for j00 ]

* * *

[ it's what we do best ]

* * *

[ seductive enough to lure in the men? i hope so! ]

* * *

[ i pose with mics by my lower regions cuz i'm that hot... ]

* * *

[ & then i @!$%# the mic hooker styLies. w0rd. ]

much love:


I went to the doctor today because I've been sick for a week now and my ears were beginning to hurt so much again.. just like when I went away to Italy 2 years ago. The doctor told me it's most likely due to TMJ and that I have to see my dentist to get help for it. Umm.. ok? My ears are in friggin pain and I seek the doctor for help and he sends me to the dentist. GO FIGURE! ........ :-/

Anyways........... in a nutshell, I have a poorly aligned jaw (overbite of sorts) which is causing this irritation in the jaw joints. Stress, my cold, my period, hormones or WHATEVER causes it to flare up badly and it makes my entire jaw stiff and sore along with causing severe pain and discomfort to my ears.

I missed school today for this.

I am not a happy camper.




Sunday Bloody Sunday.

ALWAYS, the maker of "feminine sanitary napkins".. aka.. PADS, have this new promotion. On the little stick and peel paper on the adhesive of their pads.. it says the following in fancy little script:

    Have a Happy Period.

ummmmmmm... ok.. last time I checked, there is absolutely nothing fucking nice or "HAPPY" about having your period/time of the month. You're an emotional wreck, you're bloated, you're doubled over in PAIN, and not to mention the fact that you're friggin BLEEDING for 3-5 days non-stop! Holy shit! Who the hell came up with this promotion? Is it a joke? Because I didn't think it was funny at all.... So, the people at ALWAYS have a fucking SICK twisted sense of humour. Yep. So, all I have to say is:



Anyways, I have nothing else to add except that on top of the above rant.. I'm still sick.. my ears are in SO much pain.. I'm behind on reading because I've been working non-stop.. and to top it all off.. WE MIGHT BE GOING ON STRIKE!! because .. you know.. I really don't have enough things happening in my life at the moment.. :-////

GREAT. all I need is to be not working and not making money. and not paying my bills. GOOD TIMES!!


I'm using my period as an excuse as to why I ate an entire half pound bag of BRIGHT PINK peanut M&M's. (and plus money was donated to breast cancer research when you purchased them.. so, I ate them for a good cause! true story!)

.... and on that note, I'm going to bed.

much love: