All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Baby, It's Cold Outside

BRRRR!! it's minus 17 degrees outside! How ridiculous is that??!?!

This is me bundled up to the max-core so that I don't freeze my Ta-ta's off!!!

Classes are done. finito. Christmas break commences now.

I have a flurry of events to attend and a bunch of loose ends to tie up!
How exciting! err.. or sumpin. hehe

Time to wrap up a very loooong and tiring year.
......and it's not that bad at all. nope.

Happy Holidays Everyone! ^__^
much love:
~G. .xoxo.

(my lovely Christmas tree)

My Fotos & Halloweenies

So, a while ago, my fotos were chosen as possible submissions for this online mapping/info website called I just got an email today saying they chose my fotos! How exciting! I've had people blog my fotos and post them on forums so many times in the past.. but this is the first time they were chosen for something a little more official. Yay!

My two fotos that were selected are below (click on the foto for the Schmap website)

Sneaky Dee's

Niagara Falls

Fun, right? :))))

ok, so.. halloween was last weekend and clearly I make the most out of my fave holiday. For the JK/SK class, I had to wear something a little more cute instead of my evening costume.. or I might terrify the kids and send them screaming home having nightmares for years to come.. hehe

    (an aside: i'm not sure if i had mentioned it previously, but I volunteer on Fridays at a school nearby. I help teach the kindergarten class. It's a lot more work than I thought... but it's completely amazing still. One day, I'm going to break out with "it's NOT A TUMOR!!" just for shits and giggles.. hehe)

So, during the day I was Fafi Fafinette! If you don't know who that is.. then you gots issues! but.. for those who don't know, ... LOOK:

Yep. cute huh?

so, here's me and my darling camera wh0ring it up though I'm sure she's much cuter than any Fafi could possibly be.

and then for the Saturday night, my friend MissC joined me as a Fafinette and we were Fafi twinsies! this one girl at the club actually recognized us, to my amazement. haha nice.

Fafi Twins:

ok. so, for my Friday night big party.. the main event.. i was dressed as.. you ready for this..?? ;)

B e e t l e g i u s i .

HA.. i friggen LOVE it. weeeeeeeeeeeeee

too much amazingness. i love love love Beetlejuice and being the chick version of him was pretty awesome. Then i lead the crowd into the Thriller dance.. too much awesomeness in one night.

You can see fotos from the night over here:
Halloween Fotos

So.. that's all for now. Some brief updates here:

School is kicking my ass hardcore right now. So many assigments and reading to do.
I've been fighting off this borderline cold for two weeks now.. but i refuse to give in and it hasn't taken over yet. sleep. vitamin C & D. and LOTS of fluids. yeah yeah! :))
Fuck the H1N1 vaccine. I'm not getting that shit. It's insanity that they're pushing everyone to get it. Insanity! I refuse, i refuse, I REFUSE!!
I hate the colours of this blog. i've been browsing constantly for something better cuz i so need to change it but i'm really picky and haven't found the perfect one yet.
I've started playing football again (soccer) contrary to my doctor's orders. I like it.
California here i come! three more months... :)))))
Paramore and A Fine Frenzy's new albums are way amazing. you HAVE to get them.
My 365 project is 2/3rds of the way done. yay!

K.. that's it.. that's all. Have a wicked rest of the weekend and WASH YER HANDS PEOPLE!!
*mUaH* .xoxo.

Thrill The World!!

Hey everyone! As I'm sure anyone who knows me well already knows... my most FAVOURITE time of year is quickly approaching. Yep. You guessed it.



I don't normally blog anymore cuz I'm way too busy and already am finding it difficult to keep up to date with my 365 uploads... but I really wanted to share this with all of you cuz it was so so amazing!!!

Not sure if any of you have ever heard of it or not.. but there's this annual event called Thrill the World. What is it you ask? Well.. it's everyone in the world dancing to Thriller at the exact same time! That's what!! haha.. if there's something more amazing than that.. then please.. let me know. :))

i LOVE the Thriller dance... and after seeing 13 Going on 30 (one of my fave movies) I've been obsessed with doing the Thriller dance at events and such. So, imagine my excitement when I heard about this thing happening.

Anyhoo... this year's event brought in a number four times the amount of last year's event! WOW! that probably has a lot to do with the fact that MJ passed away. (RIP)

So.. i would just like to take this opportunity to post a video of this year's Toronto event that had nearly 200 people. So, check out us zombies dancing to Michael Jackson's Thriller.
And I hope you can all make it out to next year's event!!!

I'm teaching lessons as well for those attending the huge Halloween bash this Friday night and will be leading the dance to Thriller at the party and I cannot wait! :)))

Enjoy the video .xoxoxox.

For more information on the Thrill The World event and detailed step-by-step instructional videos on how to learn the dance, please visit their website:

Here are some photos as well.

Zombified me:

My Goodlife dance group:

(minus a couple of people)

That's it everyone. Enjoy the holidays.
Stay safe & Have fun....but most importantly:

A Year's End is officially the last day of my 30th year. and what a long and eventful year it has been... with so so many crazy things that happened.. and unfortunately.... with some very tragic things that happened.. :`(((

it has definitely proven to be one of the hardest years I have overcome in my entire life. with so many downs and dips of despair... and a fountain of tears the never ceased to overflow....

but i have to hold my head up high.. because the ending of this year has proved to be a turning point.. and things seem to be brightening up ahead.. for the first time in a long long time... and I'm excited about what the future brings and all the things I cannot wait to take on.

Here's to my dirty thirty... and all the rest that comes along with it.

:))))) ♥

(Taken directly from my 365 post for today)

Before I end this post, I need to add one more thing.
I finally saw my most favourite girl in the world!!
I won wristbands to a live taping of a Drew Barrymore interview at MuchMusic. How freakin' RAD IS THAT??!?! Seriously.. she's so much amazingness!!!! :))))))

My life is now complete.
BEST.birthday.present. ever!!! :))))))

(the photos are blurry because we weren't allowed to use flash.. and plus my batteries were dying. i know! suckage! but i cannot complain.)

And I would like to end this post with a lovely video.. one of my favourite songs ever.. and a tribute to mister Patrick Swayze. RIP.

Tempesta d'Amore no more....?!?!?

Ok. So.. i have a HUGE beef to pick with E!Montreal ... and their decision to pull the plug on airing Tempesta d'Amore.

I don't really blog all that much anymore... but I've noticed that a lot of people have been visiting my blog as of late looking for information on a new channel where it might be airing or why it ended or how it ended... etc. (Although, I would like to add that it's nice to see that people are actually visiting my blog for stuff that's been posted on it and no longer just stalking it a trillion times a day for sheer boredom or insanity. You pick.)

So.. as you ALL may or may not have known... E! Montreal pulled the plug on airing this italian dubbed soap and went on a Tempesta marathon for a couple of weeks.. having shows twice a day and on Sunday as well.. finally ending it all on the very dreary day of August 30th. *devastation!!!*

Now.. i'm not sure about all of you.. but I record my Tempesta on my PVR box and i catch up on it whenever I can. I'm very busy most times.. as i am a full time student and work as well.. (although this summer, i've worked beyond full time hours to pay for my tuition and then some. and.. i would like to add that i barely made a dent in anything. so so sad..)

anyhoo.. For those who are avid watchers and following closely.. you're already aware that this 3rd part of Tempesta was focusing on Samia and Gregor (my love) and their on and off again romance. Now.. what i do not understand is.. why the hell the rush to end the show and air it twice a day and on sundays too... and then not even end up FINISHING the storyline?!?!?!? what the HELL??? i do NOT get it!!!..???.!?!?

Clearly, by looking online.. you KNOW they get married. Yet.. they do not even GET to that point.. what the hell..????

And let's not forget the 4th storyline.. (oh yes.. there's a 4th)...
Of our loveable Felix and the ever so cute Emma. (seriously. she's so friggen adorable. i love her and felix together and it bugs me that now i'll never be able to even SEE any of that! *shakes fist angrily!!!*)

I'm sorry if I spoiled that for you.. but yah. that's who was shackin up next. don't act so surprised as if you didn't see it coming.. besides.. Felix is long overdue for a romance. ;)

((( You can watch the Sigla for that 4th storyline here: --> CLICKIES )))

So........ why end it without an ending? i don't get it..?? and will it be airing again? on another channel??? another time??? another planet??? who the hell knows anymore! all i know is that i am VERY upset... (no, seriously. i am not even wanting to watch my taped Tempesta shows.. cuz i don't know what i'll do when i have no more... I will have some serious withdrawals.. lol)

SO... i URGE anyone that has ANY information on this.. .to let me know asap. please! it would be so so greatly appreciated. you have no idea. :))))))))))))))))))) .xoxoxoxox.

And........ that's pretty much all i have to say. Except for this next babble (feel free to skip this lame deep verbal vommit part.. now. hahaha)

School starts next week.. my birthday is coming up and Saturn (the planet of life lessons) will be finally leaving my sign from when it entered a year ago. And many lessons I have indeed learned this entire year. With my passport renewed, new beginnings and old tales buried far behind me.. I can finally begin to establish some kind of new life.. in a way.. for myself. I feel terrified of what life swings at me.. but excited and ready to take it all on. And so ready to welcome something completely new and brilliant my way. :))) Hooray for September. Hooray for me.

And ONWARD with yer Tempesta searches!!! Do not disappoint me people!!! *mUaH*

much love:
~G. xoxo.

It's Summer Time.

Wow. It seems as if the entire summer has slipped past my fingers. I've been working my butt off with insane hours. Not taking out loans for school calls for some hefty pay outs lol but what gives me comfort is that I won't have to pay a cent to one damn person once I'm done. Though, I must say.. with the disgusting weather we've had for most of the summer.. I do not feel too badly about missing out on anything.

Though the summer was slow and severly lacking in excitement.. things slowly seem to be getting back into the normal groove. I guess it always works that way. Elena just came by and it was such a nice surprise! :)) I haven't seen her all year! Not since the lil' going away party we had for her a year ago. Although i think the most excitement that night was the dog humping my leg HAaaa. So, she's back now.. after a year of teaching in Korea. A lot of my friends have been doing stuff like this.. so, i've actually been kicking the idea around myself as an option for when I'm done school. Can't hurt, right? :)

I don't really have a whole lot to blog about.. haa. i just kinda missed spouting out crap onto the interwebs to share with the unknown world and of course my friends.

Things seem to be turning over a new leaf and I have a good feeling that it's going to be pretty alright straight ahead of me. Yep. Cuz I said so. and i know so. and that's how I roll... :)))

And since i just spent this precious space blabbering on about nothing.. i'm gunna go now and eat chips and dip while i watch tv like a lazy behotchie face. I have loads of my shows to catch up on. haaa. and i'll leave you with this most lufferly picture of one of my sweet angels. so you can swooOon over her cutie face too. dooo eeet!!! :))))


Time heals all.. so they say.

Today is 6 months since my cousin Giacomo passed away.

I miss him loads and family functions will never ever be the same without him. He was always so dramatic and funny and lively. With his bright eyes and enormous smile and boisterous ways. He definitely had a remarkable way of capturing the audience's attention.

His birthday was last week on the 14th. He would have turned 30. We went to the church where he was married (and where we had his funeral mass) and we wrote messages on little note cards and tied them onto balloons and let them go into the sky. It was a very beautiful and peaceful thing.. and it made me smile seeing the balloons ascend into the heavens. :)) I know that Liz appreciated it a lot and made her feel better. My heart goes out to her the most in this time of need. She truly is a strong and amazing woman. I love you Liz! *hugs*

Let us not forget the most important and magical moments in our lives. For they are what make us who we are today. I would never trade all the memories I've ever had just to have avoided all the pains in life. Not in a million years. I cherish those good times more than anything. They are what gives breath to my lungs.. light to my eyes.. fire to my heart and this incredible energy to my soul.

It is better to have experienced such amazingness in your life and the pain that comes alongside of it.. than to never have had the chance to enjoy those incredible moments...

I miss you. Forever.

The leaves are changing colours...

I have an ear infection. Or something. It's driving me insane. I have a few updates.. I have posted on my giusi.foto blog.. but I don't feel right about blogging on there as I only wanted to use it as an outlet for my photographs. So, if you care to see photos of both my No Doubt concerts.. you should check there.

But.. i will tell you that they were simply amazing. Amazing. I was 3rd row centre for the Toronto show.. and right in the front centre at the Darien Centre show. (FYI.. that venue SUCKS balls. never going there again). No Doubt is my one true love in terms of music.. and hey.. you know how I am.. i can't ever stray far from that and they will forever hold that cherished spot in my heart. Cuz.. that's just how i roll. And you know this. :)

Anyways, I don't have a whole lot to say. I finished the (looong) school year and i PASSED my classes! *hooray!* I'm working.. a bit now. Relaxing. Enjoying my time off. My cousin Luca in Italy is getting married today and him and his wife are doing a little North American tour for their honeymoon and he'll be here in Toronto in about a week.. so, that's pretty exciting. I haven't seen him since the last time I went to Sicily and visited.. nearly 5 years ago i think.

We all know about the Michael Jackson incident. I feel that i need to mention it in my blog because it came as a shock and surprise to me... I feel a little terrible.. but I really do hope for some peace now that he is gone. The poor guy went through so much during his life..and i know things were messed up only as a result of everything he went through as a child. Stardom for a small boy can do a lot of damage.. as we have all witnessed. losing 3 icons at once is pretty major. RIP Michael Jackson.. the king of Pop. as well as Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon.

It has also been 5 months 3 days ago since my cousin Giacomo passed away. He is still greatly missed. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him.. :((( I love you for always and you are a great big shining star in my sky forever. *tanti baci e abbracci amore* .xox.

There isn't a heck of a lot happening in my life.. it all pales in comparison to the great deal of other things happening around me. My sister was in a car accident.. she is doing well now. I cut my hair and donated.. (which i'm sure you saw already on my foto blog)..

I feel as if I'm on some sort of hiatus, if you will.. going through a lot of self discovery.. and there are moments of great joy.. and great sadness... as i wander on towards what i feel is the right path for me. But i really need to do it on my own. Because I've become so reliant on someone else making me happy without even noticing when I spiralled into that direction. It isn't who i am.. and i don't know when i became that person. and i hate it so much... so, it's a constant struggle learning to make myself happy. Learning to be who i am. and who i was. and learning how to separate.. so to speak. It's a lot harder than you think.. it seems nearly impossible sometimes.. but other times it's easier. Either way.. you know me. chin up. strong willed. i'll get through anything.. even if i'm down on my knees and bruised to shit... lol i'll still plow on ahead with a handful of giggles. :)

So, that kinda ends my blog for today. I wish everyone well wishes and lots of love. No matter what, there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not overwhelmed with tremendous love and amazing memories. That I will cherish for the rest of my days. :))

I'll end it with this song in loving memory of MJ.

Here's to fond memories...

Out of Service.

I decided to make a post because my sister Carro bitched me out the other day because I never blogged anymore. I don't think I really have anyone really following me on here apart from her... but alas.. thought I'd post this regardless. Let you know that I perhaps am jumping ship..

For as long as I remember I've always blogged.. my old stompin' grounds used to be on Xanga.. I always needed some kind of outlet for my thoughts and feelings. My emotions are usually super intense and all over the place and if I didn't have somewhere to purge them.. I just felt like it would cause way more damage than good by holding it in and they'd eat away at my insides. It sucked.

But lately, I find myself more pensive than anything else. I write more poetry.. or try to. I know it's mostly cheese.. hehe but it's a good outlet for me. And for quick and brief updates, Twitter is perfect for that. I don't need to write up a blog about how I'm sad or happy or took a wicked picture or bought cute new shoes. Easier that way.

Plus, since I've taken on this 365 project on Flickr, I often use my daily photos as a journal of sorts. It works out. It's cool. With my photo taking and editing skills improving, I might start just posting in my Foto blog more often than here if anything.

I'm bored with myself and with so much around me lately. I'm not going to run out and look for some superficial cheap thrills to fill that void for me because I know they're only temporary and will make me feel worse in the long run. I'm searching for something bigger and better with much more meaning. I need something with substance to fill my life with because it just feels so hollow right now.. with the weight of these four walls pressing down on me. Work.. school.. eat.. sleep.. this.. that. But never anything that adds such richness and vibrance to my everyday surroundings.. I need more. I need a lot more. And I'm going to find it. :)))

With that being said, I'm sorry if you were avid followers of my blog and I'm letting you down.. (somehow I highly doubt that.. hehe).. but you're more than welcome to follow my Twitter for immediate updates and good tunage recommendations. Yep. I'm obsessed with because it's most awesomeness. And my links list on the right side of this page for my other pages is still available - with my poetry, food and foto blog listed as well as a bunch of other links. I'm an internet whOre... but I'm sure you already knew that. ;)))

You can keep tabs on my daily happenings with my 365 project if you'd like. Just click HERE for that.

I also post regularly on here:

- My poetry and other scribblings -

- My fotos and Flickr activity -

Much Love:
~G. .xoxo.

Gavin Rossdale @ Danforth Music Hall:Toronto

Ok.. i would just like to say that Gavin's vocals have always been simply fucking amazing. He sounds just like he does on his cd's. He's effin brilliant. And.. although I must admit that i'm not the hugest fan of his solo stuff.. I will forever be the biggest BushX fan. And you have NO idea how upset i was.. (well.. not upset. fucking THRILLED really).. that he played stuff from BushX. and had i known he would... i would've packed all my memory cards with me so that i could have filmed all his songs. *pouts*.. but seriously.. seriously?? can i be any more fucking happy? no. i think not. amazing concert. totally took me back.... WAY back.. lol from when i was a wee lass.. of about 16-17 and i first saw Bush X in concert at the Warehouse. AMAZING concert. and he's still so the same as back then. I had an amazing time with my ladies last night soaking up the Gav on stage... *swooOoon* Although he didn't play Little Things.. (haha like scott had asked for me to shout at him..and also, my favourite song).. i could not be disappointed with all the other songs he sang.. including Everything Zen, Come Down, Machine Head and Glycerine. : ))))

So, here you have it. A short video I took of Gavin singing glycerine last night. Although I'm not sure how long it will be available before youtube pulls it.. lol (my google uploader isn't working for some reason. bastards!)...

And another short clip:

the others aren't very good quality and not worth posting.

But you can see the photos i snapped over here:

Gavin yumminess overload. xoxoxox.

That's it for now.. err.. i have to go be distracted with other stuff now.

*floats off...*

Tanti Auguri di Buona Pasqua!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Easter. Hopefully you're spending lovely times with your loved ones. :))

Hugs & Kisses from me .xoxox.

Btw.. this site is pretty fantabulous.
Check it out!!
and add my profile!
::click click clickies::
and check out what song i'm loving at the moment.

share music.
and hugs.
and love.

I've been away for a while..

Today is two months that my cousin Giacomo passed away. Me and my sister went to his grave site to leave some flowers. Although, I do not feel his presence at all when I am there. I am aware that his soul has departed from his body.. still, I am happy to be able to leave my token of love and affection somewhere.

I still can't believe that he isn't here anymore. Every smile and laugh I share with his wife and beautiful children is simply the most amazing and heart wrenching thing I can ever experience. Knowing full well that my cousin will never be there physically to enjoy them that way.. and knowing that my baby cousin's will never ever have the chance to meet their most amazing and incredible dad. I want to tell them about him forever. I'll never ever stop missing him.

I haven't really posted too much lately cuz i don't really have a whole lot to say. I've been mostly keeping to myself these past few weeks. Perhaps hibernating and going into seclusion of sorts. I've been doing a lot of reflecting on things.. and what's important... and what isn't. I guess something like this happening really does open your eyes and gives you a whole new appreciation of love, life and living.

I've definitely been re-evaluating my priorities.. and all those things I've wanted to do.. but i'll do later.. well, I'm not gunna do them later. I'm going to do them now. While I still can. Why wait for tomorrow? Too much postponement on life... too much hesitation.. and time wasting. And then.. one day you realize that all you ever really wanted was at your fingertips. But you let it pass you by. And then.. well, then.. it's just too late.

The world doesn't stop for you. Not for me. Not for anyone.

It's time for me to live my life for me.

I have a whole new awareness that I never experienced before. But it's a good feeling. And I feel more alive than ever. I'm so thankful for every minute I have.. that brings such wonderful experiences to my life.

I have no regrets. I have no resentment. I have no hate or ill feelings. I just have a hope that will never stop burning bright. And my heart is full of a Love that will never ever run dry.

I wish well wishes upon everyone.
Do not be selfish. Do no regret.
Make the most out of everything... and do not waste any amazing oportunities that life gives you. Trust me... they will not come by you again.

"A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain."
~ Abraham Cowley

The Real Thing.

This is my favourite song off the L.A.M.B CD by Gwen Stefani. Well, probably my most favourite Gwen solo song. Anyhoo.. they used the *slow jam* version of the song.. which i love much better than the actual album track which is a bit more dancey. :)) It's a really sweet song. There's no official video for this song.. but this is the video they played in the background during the concert. Check it out:

Are you a good friend?

"The best antique is an old friend." - Anonymous

Even if you aren't an antique lover, you can probably appreciate old things. The most worthwhile, long-term investment you can make is investing in relationships. A healthy, edifying friendship can have a huge impact on your well-being, character, and even your success. Old friends have seen us through celebrations, grief, births, graduations, marriages, and so much more. They love us for who we are--warts and all! Think about the most formative friendships in your life and consider writing a note of appreciation to each of your friends. Maybe there are some buddies that you need to reach out to because they have a need, or others you just need to reconnect with. Your gratitude shows them that they are cared for, which everyone needs to know.

-- taken from Spark People's Healthy Reflections.

Time slips through our fingers....

My heart is broken... I'm having a really hard time dealing with this. I have dreams... And the tears won't stop falling..... I miss you Giacomo. I don't know why you left us so early... I don't think it's right. You should have stayed with us longer. You had your whole entire life ahead of you. It's not fair! It's just not fair! I feel like I've lost interest in every single thing around me and just want to stay alone behind closed doors..

I never pictured every minute without you in it... oh, you left so fast... :`(((

I don't know what a life worth living is anymore....

I can see your face in our secret place.

Yesterday a hole was made in my heart bigger than anything else I've ever felt in my entire life. My cousin Giacomo passed away. I'm having a hard time accepting this. I still cannot believe it's true. I expect him to come waltzing through the door any minute.. being all silly like he usually was.. and laughing, joking and all dramatic. He was classic for his hilarious scenes.

No words can express the loss and hurt and pain that I am feeling. I am in such a state of shock and disbelief. My heart goes out to his mother and father... my cousins and his brothers Michele, Giovanni, Gaetano & Vince Anthony and to his wife and babies he left behind, Elizabeth, Antonina and Vincenzo. I love you guys so much. I have a lot of cousins.. but you guys are the only cousin's I've ever really known. You guys are like brothers to me and the most dearest to my heart ever. I love you i love you i love you..

I'm posting this because I want everyone to know about him. I wish everyone could have known him and had the pleasure of his company because he had a marvelous way with people. And I never want anyone to forget him. I never ever want to forget about him. He should be here now.. he should not be gone....and I will never ever for the life of me.. accept this and understand why this happened.

Baby boy, I will forever miss our singing, our playing... I will forever miss your smiling face.

~ RIP Giacomo. ~
July 14th 1979 - January 23rd 2009
Ti amo per sempre e mi mancherai per il resto della mia vita.

Wishing you were here with me...

And if you were with me tonight,
I'd sing to you just one more time.
A song for a heart so big,
God wouldn't let it live...

Earthbound Starlight.

I wanted to post Duncan Sheik's newest video. I'm absolutely in love with this song. I've had it posted on MySpace for a while now so, you may have already heard it on my page before. Anyhoo.. CHECK out the video! It's amazing! I loveth him. and this song is so beautiful.


EDIT: -- i had to remove the embedded video because it was playing audio ads on my page.

You can click here to see the video. :)))


In other news: Paramore is opening for No Doubt!!!! hell fucking YEAH!! :)))))))

ciao ciao.


DAMN. it's fucking COLD outside. this.. is.. why.. i need.. to ... move.. FAR AWAY. where it's forever warm. and a paradise of sunshiiIIiiIiiNe and warmth and palm trees. or sumpin like that. cuz i need bellisima summer days. and not this stank ass frigidness that is our winter. yep.

I don't have anything to say really. But i felt bad cuz I never post in here anymore. I'm really too busy but I swear I'm still alive and kicking. Wildly! hehe

Oh.. i can leave you with a picture of my new coat. yah.. it's not some glamourous photoshopped pic like i normally post. so, tough titties. this will have to do. i look all shiny and extra gross. but but but i couldn't care less cuz my coat is fucking cute and lovely. yes. it is. i love it. it's greatness. in a perfect shade of blue. i should wear more blue. it's my colour anyways for September.. but I don't think i own too much of it. i think everything in my closet is black. Haaaa.. anyhoo mother licker. hehe.. here's my picture. it's nasty. but my coat is fucking kick ass. and my room is a sloppy mess. so, don't mind it.

Oh OH oh.. and if yer bored and have a Twitter.. (or if you don't).. you can check me out on there and see what i'm up to. cuz i know you REALLY want to know and keep tabs on me. Haaa.. right. anyways. i have to go do stuffs. you know all those kinds of stuffs that you have to do. right? right! :)))))


I can go to the Ocean.

Just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEARS to everyone! Hooray for a fantastic year that lays ahead of me.. well, and all of you too i'm sure. hehe ;))

Florida was fantastic. The highlight of my trip was me swimming in the ocean. Yes.. i'm well aware it was pretty fucking cold by the ocean. But ... i'm kinda kooky like that. and yes. i ran in. haha the waves were so fucking mental and high. Beach patrol drove by and yelled at us to get out of the water. Pshaw..

Anyhoo. Big hugs and kisses to everyone and hope this new and fresh and awesome new year brings you everything you wished for and a whole lot more!! :) *mUaH*

(C'├ęst Moi.. in the Atlantic Ocean.....Being pummeled by huge ginormous waves.)

Missing Persons: Ani Ashekian

A friend of mine asked me to spread the word about this. One of his friends has gone missing and everyone is being asked to help in some small way or another. Let's hope and say a prayer that she does make it back safely home. Please repost this on your blogs or anywhere people can see it and let others know. Spread the word! Thanks so much! : )

Ani Ashekian has gone missing. She traveled from Toronto to Beijing on Oct 24th, 2008. She then traveled to Hong Kong on November 9th.Her family and friends have not heard from her since November 10th. If you have seen her, please email

Watch the video for more information:

Facebook group:
MISSING: Ani Ashekian