All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .


DAMN. it's fucking COLD outside. this.. is.. why.. i need.. to ... move.. FAR AWAY. where it's forever warm. and a paradise of sunshiiIIiiIiiNe and warmth and palm trees. or sumpin like that. cuz i need bellisima summer days. and not this stank ass frigidness that is our winter. yep.

I don't have anything to say really. But i felt bad cuz I never post in here anymore. I'm really too busy but I swear I'm still alive and kicking. Wildly! hehe

Oh.. i can leave you with a picture of my new coat. yah.. it's not some glamourous photoshopped pic like i normally post. so, tough titties. this will have to do. i look all shiny and extra gross. but but but i couldn't care less cuz my coat is fucking cute and lovely. yes. it is. i love it. it's greatness. in a perfect shade of blue. i should wear more blue. it's my colour anyways for September.. but I don't think i own too much of it. i think everything in my closet is black. Haaaa.. anyhoo mother licker. hehe.. here's my picture. it's nasty. but my coat is fucking kick ass. and my room is a sloppy mess. so, don't mind it.

Oh OH oh.. and if yer bored and have a Twitter.. (or if you don't).. you can check me out on there and see what i'm up to. cuz i know you REALLY want to know and keep tabs on me. Haaa.. right. anyways. i have to go do stuffs. you know all those kinds of stuffs that you have to do. right? right! :)))))