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Gavin Rossdale @ Danforth Music Hall:Toronto

Ok.. i would just like to say that Gavin's vocals have always been simply fucking amazing. He sounds just like he does on his cd's. He's effin brilliant. And.. although I must admit that i'm not the hugest fan of his solo stuff.. I will forever be the biggest BushX fan. And you have NO idea how upset i was.. (well.. not upset. fucking THRILLED really).. that he played stuff from BushX. and had i known he would... i would've packed all my memory cards with me so that i could have filmed all his songs. *pouts*.. but seriously.. seriously?? can i be any more fucking happy? no. i think not. amazing concert. totally took me back.... WAY back.. lol from when i was a wee lass.. of about 16-17 and i first saw Bush X in concert at the Warehouse. AMAZING concert. and he's still so the same as back then. I had an amazing time with my ladies last night soaking up the Gav on stage... *swooOoon* Although he didn't play Little Things.. (haha like scott had asked for me to shout at him..and also, my favourite song).. i could not be disappointed with all the other songs he sang.. including Everything Zen, Come Down, Machine Head and Glycerine. : ))))

So, here you have it. A short video I took of Gavin singing glycerine last night. Although I'm not sure how long it will be available before youtube pulls it.. lol (my google uploader isn't working for some reason. bastards!)...

And another short clip:

the others aren't very good quality and not worth posting.

But you can see the photos i snapped over here:

Gavin yumminess overload. xoxoxox.

That's it for now.. err.. i have to go be distracted with other stuff now.

*floats off...*


Anonymous said...

Thank you, THANK YOU for posting these videos...I too remember the BushX days and I went to every concert they did in Toronto at Molson Ampitheatre and the Warehouse. Unfortunately I had to miss Saturday's show so I was thrilled to stumble on your page!!!

Giusi. said...

aww yer very welcome
: )))

Stephanie said...

I was at the concert too and couldn't agree with you more! It was a wonderful night eh? I really hope he comes back to Toronto.

Giusi. said...

I hope so too! :)))