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Out of Service.

I decided to make a post because my sister Carro bitched me out the other day because I never blogged anymore. I don't think I really have anyone really following me on here apart from her... but alas.. thought I'd post this regardless. Let you know that I perhaps am jumping ship..

For as long as I remember I've always blogged.. my old stompin' grounds used to be on Xanga.. I always needed some kind of outlet for my thoughts and feelings. My emotions are usually super intense and all over the place and if I didn't have somewhere to purge them.. I just felt like it would cause way more damage than good by holding it in and they'd eat away at my insides. It sucked.

But lately, I find myself more pensive than anything else. I write more poetry.. or try to. I know it's mostly cheese.. hehe but it's a good outlet for me. And for quick and brief updates, Twitter is perfect for that. I don't need to write up a blog about how I'm sad or happy or took a wicked picture or bought cute new shoes. Easier that way.

Plus, since I've taken on this 365 project on Flickr, I often use my daily photos as a journal of sorts. It works out. It's cool. With my photo taking and editing skills improving, I might start just posting in my Foto blog more often than here if anything.

I'm bored with myself and with so much around me lately. I'm not going to run out and look for some superficial cheap thrills to fill that void for me because I know they're only temporary and will make me feel worse in the long run. I'm searching for something bigger and better with much more meaning. I need something with substance to fill my life with because it just feels so hollow right now.. with the weight of these four walls pressing down on me. Work.. school.. eat.. sleep.. this.. that. But never anything that adds such richness and vibrance to my everyday surroundings.. I need more. I need a lot more. And I'm going to find it. :)))

With that being said, I'm sorry if you were avid followers of my blog and I'm letting you down.. (somehow I highly doubt that.. hehe).. but you're more than welcome to follow my Twitter for immediate updates and good tunage recommendations. Yep. I'm obsessed with because it's most awesomeness. And my links list on the right side of this page for my other pages is still available - with my poetry, food and foto blog listed as well as a bunch of other links. I'm an internet whOre... but I'm sure you already knew that. ;)))

You can keep tabs on my daily happenings with my 365 project if you'd like. Just click HERE for that.

I also post regularly on here:

- My poetry and other scribblings -

- My fotos and Flickr activity -

Much Love:
~G. .xoxo.


Darius Blue said...

I check here at least 2-3 times a week.

Giusi. said...

really? wow. haha
ok.. then just you and my seester.

dood. i miss you. how the heck are you?