All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Time heals all.. so they say.

Today is 6 months since my cousin Giacomo passed away.

I miss him loads and family functions will never ever be the same without him. He was always so dramatic and funny and lively. With his bright eyes and enormous smile and boisterous ways. He definitely had a remarkable way of capturing the audience's attention.

His birthday was last week on the 14th. He would have turned 30. We went to the church where he was married (and where we had his funeral mass) and we wrote messages on little note cards and tied them onto balloons and let them go into the sky. It was a very beautiful and peaceful thing.. and it made me smile seeing the balloons ascend into the heavens. :)) I know that Liz appreciated it a lot and made her feel better. My heart goes out to her the most in this time of need. She truly is a strong and amazing woman. I love you Liz! *hugs*

Let us not forget the most important and magical moments in our lives. For they are what make us who we are today. I would never trade all the memories I've ever had just to have avoided all the pains in life. Not in a million years. I cherish those good times more than anything. They are what gives breath to my lungs.. light to my eyes.. fire to my heart and this incredible energy to my soul.

It is better to have experienced such amazingness in your life and the pain that comes alongside of it.. than to never have had the chance to enjoy those incredible moments...

I miss you. Forever.


Unknown said...

It hurts.. I think about him daily.. I can't look at his picture without my eyes watering up. I wish I could just snap my fingers and wish him back.. but I dont have that kind of power. He's in peace now, no more pain. No more struggles. Making up shows and dancing and singing for all his angel friends. xoxoxoxoxo