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My Fotos & Halloweenies

So, a while ago, my fotos were chosen as possible submissions for this online mapping/info website called I just got an email today saying they chose my fotos! How exciting! I've had people blog my fotos and post them on forums so many times in the past.. but this is the first time they were chosen for something a little more official. Yay!

My two fotos that were selected are below (click on the foto for the Schmap website)

Sneaky Dee's

Niagara Falls

Fun, right? :))))

ok, so.. halloween was last weekend and clearly I make the most out of my fave holiday. For the JK/SK class, I had to wear something a little more cute instead of my evening costume.. or I might terrify the kids and send them screaming home having nightmares for years to come.. hehe

    (an aside: i'm not sure if i had mentioned it previously, but I volunteer on Fridays at a school nearby. I help teach the kindergarten class. It's a lot more work than I thought... but it's completely amazing still. One day, I'm going to break out with "it's NOT A TUMOR!!" just for shits and giggles.. hehe)

So, during the day I was Fafi Fafinette! If you don't know who that is.. then you gots issues! but.. for those who don't know, ... LOOK:

Yep. cute huh?

so, here's me and my darling camera wh0ring it up though I'm sure she's much cuter than any Fafi could possibly be.

and then for the Saturday night, my friend MissC joined me as a Fafinette and we were Fafi twinsies! this one girl at the club actually recognized us, to my amazement. haha nice.

Fafi Twins:

ok. so, for my Friday night big party.. the main event.. i was dressed as.. you ready for this..?? ;)

B e e t l e g i u s i .

HA.. i friggen LOVE it. weeeeeeeeeeeeee

too much amazingness. i love love love Beetlejuice and being the chick version of him was pretty awesome. Then i lead the crowd into the Thriller dance.. too much awesomeness in one night.

You can see fotos from the night over here:
Halloween Fotos

So.. that's all for now. Some brief updates here:

School is kicking my ass hardcore right now. So many assigments and reading to do.
I've been fighting off this borderline cold for two weeks now.. but i refuse to give in and it hasn't taken over yet. sleep. vitamin C & D. and LOTS of fluids. yeah yeah! :))
Fuck the H1N1 vaccine. I'm not getting that shit. It's insanity that they're pushing everyone to get it. Insanity! I refuse, i refuse, I REFUSE!!
I hate the colours of this blog. i've been browsing constantly for something better cuz i so need to change it but i'm really picky and haven't found the perfect one yet.
I've started playing football again (soccer) contrary to my doctor's orders. I like it.
California here i come! three more months... :)))))
Paramore and A Fine Frenzy's new albums are way amazing. you HAVE to get them.
My 365 project is 2/3rds of the way done. yay!

K.. that's it.. that's all. Have a wicked rest of the weekend and WASH YER HANDS PEOPLE!!
*mUaH* .xoxo.