All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

A Year's End is officially the last day of my 30th year. and what a long and eventful year it has been... with so so many crazy things that happened.. and unfortunately.... with some very tragic things that happened.. :`(((

it has definitely proven to be one of the hardest years I have overcome in my entire life. with so many downs and dips of despair... and a fountain of tears the never ceased to overflow....

but i have to hold my head up high.. because the ending of this year has proved to be a turning point.. and things seem to be brightening up ahead.. for the first time in a long long time... and I'm excited about what the future brings and all the things I cannot wait to take on.

Here's to my dirty thirty... and all the rest that comes along with it.

:))))) ♥

(Taken directly from my 365 post for today)

Before I end this post, I need to add one more thing.
I finally saw my most favourite girl in the world!!
I won wristbands to a live taping of a Drew Barrymore interview at MuchMusic. How freakin' RAD IS THAT??!?! Seriously.. she's so much amazingness!!!! :))))))

My life is now complete.
BEST.birthday.present. ever!!! :))))))

(the photos are blurry because we weren't allowed to use flash.. and plus my batteries were dying. i know! suckage! but i cannot complain.)

And I would like to end this post with a lovely video.. one of my favourite songs ever.. and a tribute to mister Patrick Swayze. RIP.