All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Workin' it..

bahaha my sister is going to kill me for posting this on here.. Anyhoo, this was us making fools out of ourselves.. as we normally do.. cuz that's how we roll. tee hee. One night, me Lu and Mari made a bunch of freakin hilarious karaoke videos.. with props! This one doesn't have any props however.. lol but.. it's still funny as heck!! hehe.. Anyhoo, check it out.. look at my bad ass (dork) self bustin a move up on her shit. hahahahahahahahahhahahahaaha

( Click HERE if video isn't working. )

i seriously need to make a video with Mari dancing/singing and play it at her wedding. I know how much she'll LOVE that... *mua ha ha ha ha* hehehe

Happy Hump Day!!!