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Tempesta d'Amore

I'm obsessed with this show. :))))))))

haha I normally don't like soap operas, but I grew up watching all the Italian ones. So, I'm totally hooked on this one and it's great fun. It's been quite a long time since I've actually been into one and followed it regularly. I'm a geek. :)))

(Most Italian soaps they show here are dubbed from other languages.. mostly Spanish, Portuguese, etc.. This one is originally in German and it's called Sturm der Liebe.)

It also helps when one of the lead guys is friggen damn ass hot and way beyond cute.. way too yummeh. That would be Gregor (Cristian).. --
but really Christoff Arnold.

Maybe I'll have to go visit my uncle and his restaurant in Frankfurt afterall... ; ))))))

Anyhoo, I've wasted too much time already. Gotta go.



Anonymous said...

Um, riiiiiight....

Worst, show, ever! Cento Vetrine all the way baby!!!

Giusi. said...

wtf is cento vetrine?

okkkkkk there *anonymous*

what's trash to some.. maybe be treasure to others

i lubbbb my tempesta d'amore.
& gregor. <3
: )))))) <3

Anonymous said...

I hate anonymous posters! FESS UP dammit. Admit who you are and take the heat for your comments!

Giusi. said...

oh btw.. i saw centrovetrine on telelatino yesterday.. and it was so friggen LAME. what the hell is that? it's worse than american soaps.

not to mention that they all look like little plastic dolls... the guys and girls with horrible acting. which is why you probably love it baby!!!!

i therefore rule that centro vetrine is 100% pure trash. and the people who watch it.. even moreso..

do yourself a favour hun, and hook yerself up with the RAI channel (if you don't live in italy) and start watching quality TV and not crap like that..

but maybe that Centro Vetrine mirrors your vacant and plastic life well.. and in that case.. continue watching it doll face.
; ))