All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Heaven in my mouth.

dood. haha since i've been sick.. i've been having this insane craving for Caramilk Thick... never had it? NO?? yer sooo missing out. this shit is seriously soo great. once you have this... the regular caramilk.. just won't be enough. lol.

soo.. no one's been able to find it.. it hasn't been at the drugstores.. etc. well, i finally got one yesterday.. and NOW i am content!! eeee all hail the yummies chocolate! mind you.. i must admit that it doesn't taste up to par.. cuz since i've been sick.. nothing tastes as good anymore.. *pouts*

but i'm still happy. :)))))

Wishing you all a very most fabulous Thanksgiving Weekend!


Anonymous said...

So what happened at the doctor's??? everything ok?

Giusi. said...

well, he's concerned with levels in my liver. basically.. i have acute hepatitis.. which means that i have inflammation of the liver (short term.. cuz it's only recent). so, there could be a number of things that cause it.. but they don't know. he ran more blood tests to see what it could be.. but i won't find out til later this week. Either way, I'm returning to school next week with or without his consent.. unless he can tell me what's up. I cannot be missing anymore school. This is my fourth week now. NOT good
: (((

I am feeling better. most the aches and pains are gone... but some stuff still there and i can feel the internal pain still. energy levels are going up though.. so, we'll see what the tests say. haha this comment could've been a blog entry in itself.

blah.......... i just wanna start doing normal stuff again. i'm sick and tired of being cooped up inside.
: ((((

Anonymous said...

How did you enjoy my Dinner WHOREFACE!!!!!