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Week three.

Yah... so, perhaps I spoke a bit too soon? I went to see my doctor on Monday. After giving me a check up and looking at my blood results, doctors orders are that I don't return to work .. OR school for the next little while. What the fuck?

Apparently, this virus I have is pretty hardcore and it's affected everything in my body. My ears, brain, throat, limbs.. and my liver! My liver and spleen and surrounding organs have inflammation? I can't bump into people or things and I have to be careful or they can rupture and I can bleed to death or something? What the fuck? So, yah.. now I'm officially freaked out and get nervous when people get a little *bumpy* beside me.. :///

Also, my immune system seems to be shot at the moment.. so, being out and about I can easily catch any bugs and in my condition right now.. that would be very bad. So.. yah... more home time for me. Greeeeeeat.. and here i was thinking I'm starting to feel better. I know I'm not better.. cuz I don't feel ok yet... but I guess I didn't know the extent of the problem.

So, I'm gunna continue to go mental at home.. cabin fever is NOT pretty..
By all means.. call me, email me, msg me, txt me.. whatever! Something.. anything.. because.. i need all the help I can get trying to keep my sanity while being locked at home with nothing to do .. and no work or school to go to. You think it'd be heaven.. but trust me.. it is not. Ugh... maybe I'll write some more poems.. God knows i have so much shit to vent about. grrr...

Hopefully, I'll have something more positive to tell you in my next post. Have a SWELL day.. grrrrr.

much love:


Paulo Z. said...

Just passing by to read your updates :] I wish you all the best Giusi <3

Anonymous said...

i wont smack you more!! i hope you feel better! :)

Giusi. said...

aww you guys are so sweet. thanks :))))

Anonymous said...

Yer MOM is sweet!
Feel Better Pirate Hooker!

Giusi. said...

haha my mom IS sweet. ho face.