All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Fuck Forever.

All our life, us girls are supposed to play this role. You're groomed into it from when you were a tiny tot. Get older, get married and pop out a few kids. Be a good wifey and mommy and just be the best you could be.. in a motherly fashion. It's hard not to fall into that already laid out train track that's chugging along forward to that predetermined destination. But lately, with all this buzzing around my ears, I find myself rethinking this so much. So much that I'm completely turned off to the whole idea of marriage. Maybe I'll change my mind later on.. but as it stands right now, I really don't care for it any more. Not because you have to. Not because you should. Not because it's the next step. Not because it's been so long and you should get on with it already. Not for any of those reasons. I'm tired of feeling guilty and ashamed for not choosing the path that others want me to choose. My path is what makes me most happy. Not you; or you; or even you. And I'll be damned if I ever marry for wrong intentions. So, you can have it all for yourself cuz... I just don't want it anymore.

*tosses bouquet*


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I'm glad you enjoyed that kevin.
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