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Do I want to know the answer?

I can't sleep. I'm a nervous wreck. I got a call early today from my doctor's office saying that they got my labs back and that I have to come in to see my doctor. Well.. from past experiences, I only get call backs when there's something wrong with my test results. And.. it's been quite rare. In fact.. it was only once or twice before. With me being so sick these past few weeks.. I must say, my mind's going a mile a minute and I'm terrified of what he has to tell me. Sure, it could be nothing.. or something small.. but it could be something else too.

There's no way I'm sleeping a wink tonight. My anxiety is through the roof and I'm a panic about what the doctor has to tell me about my test results. But.. at least it's an answer? ugh.... *cringes*

Thank you sooo much to everyone who has been soooo awesome and supportive and caring and just incredible. I totally love you guys so much. I couldn't get through these days without my awesome friends to listen to me bitch and whine constantly about this lameness I'm going through. You're golden. : )))) *xxxoooo*

Off to try and sleep. Tomorrow is the big day.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

I really do hope that it's nothing, or just something small that they can fix.

I would be truly sad if anything happened to you. :'(

I wish you the best, Giusi. <3<3<3

---Mr. Chaddy D!

Giusi. said...

awww <3 yer the sweetest : ))
[wm] & DS luff forever.
thanks so much <33

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Josie., you're in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey HO - what did the doctor say?

Giusi. said...

Thanks so much! :))

and.. the doctor said he doesn't know what it is yet.. but the levels are still high. and they're running more tests.. this is draggin on ... and on..
ugh. it's so frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Josie, they're narrowing down all the possibilites so they don't diagnose you wrongly. Just concentrate on staying on top of it for now <333