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Mini whores...?

Seriously.. first of all.. i was never all too keen on the *sexy* look for Halloween.. where chicks think that Halloween is their get-out-of-jail free card for them to go prancing around like a bunch of two bit whores. Although, I'll openly admit I may have worn something unusually low cut or short for Halloween a few times. But mostly it was the imaginative and/or most gruesome/gory costumes that I took a liking to.

So... basically, how far do we push the envelope over here? Because.. isn't it a little bit of a concern when our kids start going trick-or-treating looking like hooker wannabes? Someone posted the following link in a MySpace bulletin and I wanted to share because it's pretty darn disturbing if you ask me. You be the judge of it.

Kids' costumes: Too Risque?
(click for news article)

Peace out.
& Happy Halloween.


David said...

no thanks.

kinderskanks fucking piss me off.