All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Sadly we remain to see...

Rach: Couples fight. It's rare for us, but it does happen, and it's not the end of the world. So he did something stupid and pissed me off...I've pissed him off on more than one occasion as well. That doesn't mean I regret moving here or I'm ready to leave him or something.

Giusi gurL: yah for sure. people who say you don't fight.. are nuts. and just don't care enough. relationships are work.

Giusi gurL: and when you love someone.. you want to work on it. and you fight. and you work it out and get past it : )

Giusi gurL: being in love .and choosing someone.. means that.. you're willing to stick it out with that person.. through thick and thin..and willing to fight and bicker over the problems.. to get to the good. because you want to be there. and it's worth it in the long haul.

Giusi gurL: people who think something is simple.. are delusional. and don't know what sacrafice is. and if you haven't been in a love where you haven't had to fight and sacrafice...

Giusi gurL: well, then you've never really be in a real love.

Giusi gurL: in my opinion.

Giusi gurL: : )


excerpt from a conversation i was having with my friend about love and fighting. Some things are worth it. Some are not.

Find the person who it's worth it for.

And make them feel like they're worth it.