All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

I met Gwen Stefani.

Yes. Yes i did. WEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. hahaha At yesterday's Toronto show. I'm still kinda shocked. I'm not going to write this enormous blog giving every detail like some super crazed fanatics do *cough*hardcoremembers*cough*.. hahaha... cuz I don't consider myself a crazed fanatic.. although a HUGE fan.. I definitely am.. I've been a faithful No Doubt fan for about 12 years now. Seen NXD for each tour in Toronto and Gwen's show too.. (NXD > Gwen solo. for the record. hehe). This is my first time meeting Gwen.. I also met Stephen Bradley... he walked by and I got to take a picture with him as well.

Oh.. quickie version: I was kinda annoyed.. cuz we didn't get a proper meet & greet session like others have.. where they have a room set up and you go in and do yer stuff and get to talk..but hey! i'm not complaining. It's just that we didn't really get to talk to Gwen as much as we wanted. They had us lined up in a hall.. kinda lame. but she walked by and signed our stuff and we were allowed one photo afterwards. So.. she said hullo and signed my stuff and i asked her to sign my other stuff.. and she was reading my shirt out loud (i made it a while back when hollaback girl came out).. so.. she's like "YER MOM IS.. BANANAS..?? ? hAaaaaahaa that's so funnnny!!" and she laughed.. tee hee. i thought she might be offended by it. but i love my tshirt. and she did too. so YAY!!! : ))))))))

I was too stunned to say anything else. Honestly... it wasn't even starstruck really.. just that it all happened so fast.. and I had no idea how to talk and say stuff. I'm totally shy when it comes to meeting stars.........or anything really. I'M BEYOND SHY!! ahhhhhhhhhh haha like when I met Bif.. omg.. i didn't say anything. My ex had to pipe in with "My girlfriend loves you."... haha i'm so lame. *kicks self*... I think my friend Kurt was even starstruck.. haha but one of the harajuku girls loved his shoes. hehehe Gwen loved you cuz you were brown!!! hahahahaha lmao tee heehehe ;)))))))))))))) weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

She's so much teenier in person. I totally knew this already... but she was standing next to me now.. and she was wearing HUGE mother heels.. at least 6". SO.. there's no way she's my height without the heels. But it suits her. Cuz she's sooooooooooooo thin and petite. haha i know she gets mad when people say that. but she is. get used to it gwenny. haha

Anyways..... No Doubt is coming out with their new album next year and I'm beyond excited about it and i'm wondering what the sound will be like. ee e eeee eeeeee! The concert was soo freakin' amazing. I can't upload pix yet cuz i have NO room on my computer. I bought loads of memory for my camera and took hardcore videos.. they're all shakey. hahahahaha cuz i was a wreck. but too bad. : ))) That's it. That's all.

Gwen is too freakin cute and totally adorable and incredibly sweet and nice.

: )))))))))))))