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Betty & Veronica fans unite! This is an OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was reading my Betty & Veronica comic yesterday as usual.... and well, this one seemed to have this dandy little announcement page at the back.. Check this shit out.

WTF?? that's so UGLY~!!! I seriously hope they're not permanently changing them to look like that. The charm of their characters were HOW they looked. I've been a fan since FOREVER and i have the hugest Betty & Veronica comic book collection.. BUt i swear to you.. i will never buy another issue if they change them to look like that. New dynamic art??? fuck that shit. they can suck it!


and there's my rant of the day. I'm going to write them a letter. haha but not quite as colourful as my blog was.. lmao ; )

Ciao <3

P.S. Tomorrow.. i am meeting... THE one & only... in person. AND i shall die of complete shock and nervousness. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!