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I'm not feeling too well....

day 5. The pain has seemed to dull a tad.. yet it hasn't stopped and I still can't eat or drink normally.

So..... what's wrong with me? I have no clue. Been feeling off since Monday of last week. Then Wednesday came around and I was starting to feel really sick. Disoriented, dizzy, faint, stomach ache, etc etc.. was at work and talked to pharmacist about it.. he did seem to think it was a bit strange. He just said to drink fluids and wait it out. So, I did... and then went home after work.. starting to feel a bit better. Went out that night and started to feel really ill again. But worse. I had to keep going outside for fresh air for fear of fainting or something. That was Wednesday night and it was really painful and uncomfortable.. but that too subsided. Thursday I woke up alright with very mild stomach pain and spent the day out and about. Had two tiny episodes later in the evening with some pain.. but other than that.. everything seemed alright. I didn't think much of it.

Friday I woke up and went downstairs to say my goodbyes to Carolina and Jim who were driving off to florida. We had some coffee and chit chatted and stuff. I kinda felt crampy... but nothing too major. Got ready to go to work..and my stomach was hurting again. So, I just got some green tea and continued on my way to work. Everything seemed alright.. I was just feeling off. But as the day progressed.. i started feeling worse and worse. there were times when I couldn't even stand up anymore. The pain was getting stronger and I was feeling so faint and nauseated. I spoke to the pharmacist about it.. he said I should go to the doctor to check it out as it wasn't normal that I was still feeling this after 3 days. So, I decided to visit my doctor on saturday. I went home after work on friday.. and was in so much pain.. i didn't know what to do. After many failed attempts at sleeping and the pain not subsiding.. I called the ontario telehealth number for some advice. When I told her my symptoms, she recommended that I see a doctor immediately.. within the next 4 hours... so, she advised me to go to the emerg. So.. I decided I would do that. I waited for R to finish work and he came and got me and drove me to Humber hospital up the road.

I waited for what seemed an eternity in the waiting room until they finally called me in. I might as well have died in there or something.. When they finally got me in.. they scheduled me for an ultrasound and i had all the run of the mill blood work and urine tests done. funnnn.. and then they hooked me up to an IV.. which i later found out had dope in it. the next day.. around 11:30am.. the Dr. came to tell me that all my tests were normal. They couldn't find anything wrong. and that maybe I had a virus and it passed.. and he pressed on my stomach and asked if I had any pain.. in which case I didn't.. since i was kinda sorta drugged up. :-/ So.. no. I had no pain. And i was discharged.

Went home.. slept it off a bit. Woke up. Voila! Lovely stomach pain is back. Nausea and pain and all that great stuff. Can't eat. Can't drink. It's just wonderful. I was contemplating going back to the hospital and hurling a bunch of insults at the bastards.. but hey.. that wouldn't really fix anything. So, i kinda decided to wait it out overnight. I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. It's the most uncomfortable pain ever and I just can't lay down or rest or anything. It's so awful. This morning the pain is a bit better. The nausea isn't as strong. And I'm thinking MAYBE.. it might get better. In any case, I really wish I waited and went to my own family doctor on Saturday instead of going to the hospital. They didn't give me any answers and I feel that my family doctor would have been more thorough and plus he knows my history. He may have been able to help me better. But seeing as it's the long weekend.. I'm going to have to wait til Tuesday to pay him a visit. I'm hoping that the pain won't last that long.. because this is getting a bit out of hand. I haven't eaten/slept/drank in like 3 days now. I look like a bag of shit and i feel so much worse than that. :`((((

I just want this pain to stop. And if anyone has any information or ideas on what's up.. feel free to share your comments and shed some light on this situation. I'm gunna go be my sickly self in bed again.

Happy Victoria Day weekend everyone......