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I was really bored today. I really enjoyed the soundtrack to the movie "The Holiday" (the movie itself was pretty damn amazing. ) Especially this one song called Cry. I was thinking of how it would a nice background song for a life movie. So, because I was THAT bored today.. I made this mini-movie-slideshow of sorts with the song in the background. It's very personal to me.... so, don't be hatin'! haha

Unfortunately.. the quality of the video is incredibly downgraded when uploaded onto any other servers due to the compression. I do have a good version on DVD which my sister was kind enough to burn for me (which my sisters will all get copies of). It's super cheese. Super vain. Super silly.. and super me. So.. enjoy! (and yes, i'm aware there is a photo that's duplicated in the video. I didn't notice until i was done. And the track is slightly effed up at the ending because.. remoosh gives me bad songs. that bastard. hahaha i'm kidding. it's just effed up. and i didn't notice it had that at the end.. until i was already almost done editing. so, tough titties. i'm not changing the song.)

Lights... Camera.. ACTION!!!


Anonymous said...

Awww, Giusi! That's so beautiful! I loved it. I especially love the pics of you and ur sisters :) <3 R*G