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Bruises, Cellular Smash-ups & Scherzo.

I am SO beyond exhausted right now. I had my wind symphony concerto today. It went very well. Thanks to everyone who came out.. and for R who parked way down in butt fuck idaho and jogging to make sure he didn't miss my show. Punctual as usual......... teehee. i'm just buggin you. Thanks so much for coming out!! :))))))

My favourite piece this term was this student piece called "Scherzo".. by Louie Madrid Calleja. AMAZING! what a nice change from last year's student piece which was absolutely the most horrendous thing I've ever had the misfortune of ever having to play.. the audience's ears were bleeding. haha and no, I'm not lying. it really was *THAT* bad. Anyways, you're very fortunate to get to listen to it!! No.. not the shitty piece. the GOOD one..

: ))) hehe

This isn't actually us playing it... although I did happen to get it on video but I'm not sure if I'll be able to upload it or not. This is the premiere of it. The sound isn't the same as ours was today because the acoustics in our recital hall are much different than this church.. plus, our symphony is much larger than their ensemble. But definitely check it out. It's a really beautiful piece and I loved playing it. Definitely one of my all-time favourites.

After our symphony recital, I had to rush home and have dinner and then rush off again cuz we had our game. and what a mess it was!!! I was completely exhausted not wanting to even play.. but it's a damn good thing we even showed up because NOBODY did and they were about to forfeit! SO basically.. we were JUST enough players - 5 on the field and the goalie. and i had to stay on and i was going to die! I'm like.. "are you fucking kidding me??" here i am dying cuz i had barely any sleep.. out til the wee hours of the morning all weekend..full rehearsals all weekend and this morning and then the concert.. and now i have to play the entire GAME??????? *dies*.. luckily.. two other players showed up later on and we were able to do some switches. But oh.. the fun doesn't end there. We were playing a rep team. (rep team = experienced/sponsored/pro team) and since we don't have enough teams on our league, we need to play one rep team in the season. and hey! this wasn't just ANY rep team.. this was a pretty "SPECIAL" rep team. They were out to kill or something. I've never seen anyone kick the ball SO violently in my life. I have the imprint of the ball all up my right arm.I I'm not kidding. my wrist nearly ripped off.. with lovely indents and red markings all across it.. And my right leg is looking pretty spectacular and PURPLE all the way up and down.. MmmHmm.. pretty sexeh!!.. oh yah.. and one gurl violently body checked one of our players with FULL force.. and i was like "HEY!!!" and the ref blew the whistle on her.. and she turns and is like "what...?? she threw herself in front of me!"........ umm. OK?? yes. she THREW herself under your forceful elbows and arms that were coming down onto her at full force when she wasn't even near you. RIGHT. SO.. yes, needless to say they were playing very dirty and were being very underhanded. Our league is only recreational and they were really out of line and then whining and crying when the ref called them on all their shit. I hate when people have POOR sportsmanship. It ruins the game for everyone else. Sure you wanna win.. but at the end of the day you're just out there to have a little fun and play some ball. Not to spill blood.. :-//////

Anyways.. as if my day wasn't already jam packed with all sorts of goodness... my cell phone smashed onto the floor and ........... isn't working now. Isn't that FABULOUS? I think it is. Pretty darn hilarious and stuff.. yah.. umm.. i'm gunna go shoot someone now. lol.. but seriously, I'm waiting on calls for job interviews so, now I have NO idea what I'm going to do.. because you see.. I'm due for an upgrade in THREE weeks. I refuse to pay to repair my (fucking piece of shit motorola v551) cell phone when I'm getting an upgrade in three weeks. THREE FUCKING WEEKS! you piece of shit phone.. you just HAD to fall apart on me JUST now.> UGH. haha man, as you can imagine.. I'm in quite the lovely mood. hehe The other great thing is that i didn't save my phone numbers into my SIM card.. so, now i have NO access to absolutely NONE of the stuff on my phone. OH GREAT. this makes me so happy in my pants. you have NO idea..... *cries*.................... lol I'm gunna beg and plead with Roger's to have them let me upgrade sooner. i mean.. COME ON! it's just THREE weeks.. in a two year contract.. does it REALLY MATTER??? pshaw.. i have lots of friends who work at Roger', maybe they can pull some strings for me.. Hrmmm.... On that note.. If i had your number before.. you might want to email me it again.. since i don't HAVE it anymore.> GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, i have a shitload of stuff to do.. which includes studying for my last exams. and then i'm DONE for the summer. BOOYA! that's two years. DONE. how fabulous is that? Time sure is going by quickly. I'm excited about that. : )))))

Wish me luck.