All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Broken Telephone.

Seriously.. if anyone's trying to get a hold of me

don't text message me..!!!!! cuz my cell fone is completely busted.
i can't read shit.
i can't even turn the power on.

Leave a MESSAGE if you need me and
I've had people leave me messages but I can't call them back
cuz i don't know their number by memory..
they're all programmed into my phone.
and.. yah. well, .. you get the picture...

SO.. too bad if you think I'm ignoring you.
but i have no other way to relay msgs.

I seriously need to start writing people's numbers in a phone book.
a PAPER one.
the good old fashioned way.
hells yah.

On another side note.. that's not all that's busted up.

My knee is totally fuct up and i'm limping around...
ever so graciously.

THANK YOU crazy pscyho rep team. I appreciate your cunning shots on goal..err.. to the players limbs/faces.

I have an exam tomorrow. Why the fuck am i still up?

: )))

________ poetry corner________

By today. By tomorrow. Never knowing where I'm going.
Ever cautious. Ever glowing. Every frowning. Never showing.
Out or in. I'm just the same. As all you do. Each every part.
You'd think I'd learn my lesson well. Keep going right back to the start.

I Blame you. I blame me. I blame the past. of yours and mine alike.
I blame the time. I hate the time. Cuz timing has to be just right.
I see no difference. I see no change. I see the sun shine each time i see your face.
I call you twisted. I call you worse. But I'm just as bad for staying in this race.

en garde!!