All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Big mouth strikes again!

I was so beyond smashed last night. SOOOO not a good idea. SOoooo bad and wrong on every level. Bad judgements etcetcetc. Impaired thoughts/actions. And screw drunk dialing.. how about drunk emailing? haha that's even better right? Yah.. i thought so. I think i'm going to skip the country for the next little while. If you can't reach me.. it's cuz i'm hiding under a ROCK for the next few months. *dies* Thank you to my fellow friends for your encouragement to do so. *scowls at you* hahaha... but seriously.. it's ok. I needed to get it off my chest cuz it's been too long. and i couldn't go on hiding it any longer. win or lose.. you have to choose. and i did. there you go. it's all on the table now. what if's .. what if's.. what if's act as such a hindrance. craziness..

I fell too. Sure.. cuz flying down a flight of steps in the rain, in heels.. is always fabulous. Right? SURE!!, upon reaching the bottom of the steps.. i twisted my ankle.. and smashed my knee. really good. it was bleeding all kinds. cut right through my jeans. although i didn't notice how bad i was hurt until this morning. once my head wasn't aching anymore. OH.. and the best part?? I lost my fucking cell phone. Yes. i Did. Don't know if i left it at the club or in a friend's car. I have no idea. it's GONE. and i just repaired it the other day. GREAT. it makes me happy. excited. thrilled. oh yah. it's good times indeed.

I have these courses i have to take for work.. all day tomorrow and tuesday.. up in woodbridge. so not looking fwd to it. ....... he said for comfort. that's what he said. and maybe he's right. and maybe that's why. yet i still can't walk away. and maybe deep down i really know.. but it's comfort. it's comfort. and it's there. and i like it.

Mini eggs are pure evil.. on every level. Indeed they are.

Everyone needs to watch this because it's funny as hell. FUNNY as HELL.


Anonymous said...

What the HELL are you talking about? For Comfort?

Giusi. said...

Not a damn thing.

It's all good now.