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Arctic Monkeys.

they're pretty fabulous. unfortunately.. i'm missing their concert. cuz.. it's sold out. there are a few concerts i'm missing... cuz of time/money/etc...
Taking Back Sunday is thursday night... *cries* and the Used (taste of chaos tour) is on friday!! damn you people.. i LOVE TBS and i'm so broken up about that.. Placebo and Feist...(on the same night of BRMC).. damn damn damn! it's just too unfair.

i AM, however, going to the BlackRebelMotorcycleCLub concert. so, get yer tickets and join le posse and let's tear that shit up.. hells yah. they're a great band and you should check them out. boooyah.

anyhoo, back to my original topic.. the arctic monkeys are pretty damn fab.. and this is one of my fave songs of the moment. it's actually a cover of the Girls Aloud song.. but they do it much better. trust me on this one. yep yep.

check it out: