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Nokia wins. Gwen loses.

i FINALLY bought a new cell phone today.. since I lost mine a week ago. Go me. I went back to my trusted brand.. NOKIA.. since they are simply the best phones ever. End of story. It's not even up for discussion. My first two cell phones were NOKIA's and i've NEVER had a problem with the hardware. My LOVELY sister even ran over my phone once.. and it was still in tip top shape.. granted.. i needed a new face plate.. lmao.. but still.. phone was perfectly fine. : ) anyhoo.. Motorola's can suck my ass. Especially the V551.. which is the worst piece of shit model ever made. You have NO idea how many times I've had to repair that crappy thing. UGH.. and apparently it's not just my phone. Seems to happen a lot to those models. And you know what? I really despise flip phones I've decided. So, Screw you flippy phones!!! I'm gunna stick to my ultra cool and chic new NOKIA cell that kicks serious ass. AND.. i have Wheel of Fortune on it.. come on babes.. it does NOT get better than that. BOOYA. check out this bad boy.. hahaaha *stolen*. . :P

It's pretty damn adorable and funkified.. and I'm happy about it. Yes I am..

K.. moving along. I'm so dead tired. I've worked EVERY day this week.. that includes my all day union steward training monday-tuesday.. and worked wed-fri. AND.. last night I had the pleasure of working all by myself.. for 5 hours. Lemme tell you what a TREAT that was. oh yah. i was ready to stab someone. repeatedly. IN THE FACE!!! ugh.. you have NO idea. bdwrer83ur38ur.. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

okok.. i'm done. i need to go chillax a bit before i go mental on someone. pshaw... tomorrow i'm gunna party it up in oshawa.. my sister's bday partay. olé!!

lemme end this off with a link to Gwen Stefani's new video. Now, let me tell you what I think. You have NO idea how much I love this song. This song and Early Winter are my favourite tracks off the album (Wonderful Life a very close second).. so, I'm quite disappointed by the video. I just think the song is really sad and they could've done SO much with this video.. actually put a storyline to it. and not just have close-ups of Gwen Gwen Gwen.. the entire time. Don't get me wrong.. she looks absolutely STUNNING in this video. beyond gorgeous and beautiful. WOW! but seriously... ok GWEN .. i know you announce to everyone how VAIN you are all the time.. but man....this is so shit.. cuz the song is kinda fluff.. but it's personal and sad.. and you have the ability to get go crazy with creativity when making a video.. and i was expecting to see a little bit more drama.. a little bit more of a story.. a little bit more .. SOMETHING?? anything. really now.. I'm sure everyone else will bash me on this. but i don't care. it's a cheap video. and you just cheapened the song.. in my opinion.

Anyhoo, Here's the brand spankin new video of 4 in the Morning by Gwen Stefani:

K.. I'm off. I'm Gone. Happy 420 you nukka faces.. *mUaH*

much love: