All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

We're closed to the Earth 'til further notice.

Where do we go from here?
How do we carry on?
I can't get beyond the questions.
Clambering for the scraps
In the shatter of us collapsed.
That cuts me with every could-have-been.

Pain on pain on play, repeating
With the backup makeshift life in waiting.

Everybody says: "Time heals everything."
But what of the wretched hollow?
The endless in-between?
Are we just going to wait it out?

And sit here cold?
We'll be long gone by then.
And lackluster in dust we lay
'round old magazines.
Fluorescent lighting sets the scene
For all we could and should be being
In the one life that we've got.


Forty days until Easter. Sans chocolate. No Mini Eggs...?
Be Warned: This will get ugly fast kids...

On a more serious note, this time for me is important as a time for personal reflection.
A time for renewal.. and rebirth. Not just for fasting, prayer and charity. Time for new changes.. from within as well as from on the outside.

13 more days until my 365 project ends.
And then what?
But I'm happy because I'm finally getting to the foto ideas I've wanted to try out from the start and have always put off. For instance.. I've finally submitted a Bench Monday shot this week. (Only Flickr peeps will know what that means.. so, I'm not even going to explain because it won't make any sense to anyone else.) It's not as good as I wanted it to be.. but I'm still happy with it.

This is the original foto idea I *was* going to go with... but I didn't think it was whimsical enough for me.. and what I was trying to get at. So, I ditched the harsh boots.. and went with white ballet slippers and tulle skirts instead.

But... I would like to add that I was contacted through Flickr by someone at the Northampton Museum in the UK where they will be having an exhibit about Dr Martens boots and they requested to use that foto! With full credit to me of course.. That's exciting! In addition to using that foto, they will also be using this foto in their exhibit:

I'm kinda excited that my fotos are being asked to be used in various different things. I didn't think for once that my fotos were really that artsy... or good enough. So.. in a way, as sad as I will be about my 365 project coming to a close.. I'm a little happy that I will be able to focus my foto taking skills on other projects in the future. Stay tuned!

I'm off for the night.
Buona notte.
much love,
~G .xoxo.