All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Mexican and Rock & Roll

Happy hump day.

It's been so grey and dingy lately that it's kinda put me in a bit of a downer.
No one likes a dreary day.

The Olympics are coming to a close this Friday. Go Team Canada!

What better way to celebrate than to go out for Mexican and a little Rock & Roll this weekend. Hopefully, that will lift my spirits up a bit. Either that.. or the nachos and beers. ;)

On that note, I'll finish off and head out to face this ugly outside. Holla!

To add:

~ Weekend was amazingness. 55 Special all the way.. The first rule of 55 Special, don't talk about 55 Special. The second rule of 55 Special, don't make eye contact.

~ Been feeling quite nostalgic with music as of late. I highly recommend pulling out your old Garbage Version 2.0 CD. God.. I forgot how fabulous it is. They are so amazing.

~ Imogen Heap is brilliant.

~ My 365 project is one week away from being completed. Hooray?

~ BRMC's new album soon! March 9th. Excitement overload! That and Alkaline Trio. I'm in heaven.

~ my new boots. i want to hump them. what a great find.. and great price! and exactly how i wanted them to look.

Garbage on my mp3 player.. i'm so ready to face the day.
Ciao ciao.
~G .xoxo.