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I'm sure you all know by now that I'm not a fan of Valentine's day. Well, the concept behind it.. we don't need to go on about how it's this huge commercial holiday where they rake in the money making lovers feel guilty if they don't do something stupendous for each other... (although, i tend to find the pressure is more on the guys than the girls). You all know my take on romance.. and how it should be celebrated always, at random times throughout the year. Although, I must admit i loved this one gift my ex gave me. He once gave me this cd (and a canister of mini eggs!! eee!).. well, the cd was the Retro Romance cd... and i LOOOOOVED that cd so much.. and to my disappointment... i have NO clue whatsoever where the hell that cd is. Which makes me think he either stole borrowed it.. or someone else lifted it.. cuz it's no where to be found in my home. So, i'm kinda peed off about that.

BUT.. moving along here.. i WILL however admit that, for purely selfish reasons.. there is one thing i enjoy about the V-day holiday. I absolutely adore walking down the aisles that are completely adorned in pink and red and white and all sorts of pretty and cute lovely things you don't normally see. Personally.. i think it would be pretty damn awesome.. if they sold Valentine's day awesomeness ALL year long. Just one little corner in the store.. we'll call it the LOve angle. err.. that doesn't sound quite romantic.. hehe well, you get my point.

So, here's what I say to you all. Boycott V-day! If you're with your loved one.. then celebrate on another day.. don't buy eachother flowers! Let me tell you (and there's a flower shop at my work).. they DOUBLE the prices of flowers (or more) around the V-day holiday because they KNOW that suckers are gunna dish out the cash cuz they don't wanna look like a douchebag. If you truly wanna spend some quality time and feel the need to celebrate.. then do something sincere....sans the cash flow. Example: make a home-made card.. cuz it's way cuter and sentimental. Make dinner.. if you can't cook.. order in. Get a cheeze movie.. watch it.. and then have a total make-out session on the couch like highschool stylies. haha seriously. Those are the best times. Not 4 dozen roses that cost you $$$$$$$$$ and some hoity toity restaurant where you can't even pronounce the name...

If you're not with someone.. even BETTER! haha Makes no difference.. cuz it's a day just like any other day. Bake stuff! cuz baking cute stuff is ALWAYS fun. trust me. :)

Either way, celebrate love all year round. Eff the commericalness of V day... and EFF this cold WEATHER!!! yah.. i just added that last one in there cuz I can't stand the frigidness of winter.. carry on now.. :)

So, I'll leave you with all sorts of cute images of pink and loveliness that are a plenty this time of year. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

much love:
~G .xoxo.


Darius Blue said...

With you Valentine's Day, it seems to me like an emotional sinkhole for the rest of the time you're with your lover.

I have a bag of "Smartie" eggs in the kitchen downstairs. They're like Mini Eggs but shinier.

Have a good weekend G : )