All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Honeybee, you’re killing me.

    It’s hard to stumble in your harmonies
    But just like nicotine and it gets complicated
    You keep on pouring on the gasoline
    And it’s the sweetest feeling, oh it gets me, gets me down

I went into class today partially prepared for an exam. But i goofed on the dates and my exam is actually on Wednesday. Good job. More study time for me. Awesomeness.

Vitamin D. Take it people. Also, I've noticed a lot of people are falling ill in this gawd awful weather we've been having. You should hit a natural food store near you and pick up a vial of oil of oregano. I swear by that stuff (and so do a lot of other people). The taste is pretty intense so, I put it in juice because I can't handle it on its own.. yah... I'm a total wuss. But we already knew that. Five drops a day. You'll feel better in no time. Trust me.

I'm enjoying this facebook-less time I'm having. Now, if only I can get some warm weather in me. That would be perfect. That would be ideal.

First day of February today. I don't have a whole bunch to say but here's my little tidbit of wisdom I'll spout out for you all. Take it.. or don't. Your choice.
-- Don't wait around in the sidelines for the days to begin. If you're waiting and not finding what you want to come out of those days... then you're just wasting away your days. So, I tell you this. Go find some days that give you things that you want in return. Not just empty days of half-arsed looks, comments, maybes and perhaps. Don't entertain novel ideas in your own head of what is really happening. Trust me. There's nothing worse than a one sided story where the other side.... does not even exist.

Happy Monday.
much love:
~G .xoxo.

Honey Bee - Garbage (B-side)


Jimmy Simpson said...

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