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P!NK was on Oprah. She's so completely amazing. And she sang my favourite song off her newest album. Hearing her talk about the song was kinda funny.... i think that's just a general virgoan trait to be so critisizing and hold such high expectations from the other person.. that you're scrutizing them SO so much... that you completely disregard your own self and the weaknesses and faults we hold by ourselves. All I can say is.. in the past year.. my eyes have been opened a great deal and like she states in her interview about the song.. it was, indeed.. a very humbling experience. I'm glad at least it turned out well in her story.

I love P!NK. I think she's an extraordinary artist and individual and definitely someone I would say is a great and powerful role model for young girls today. I look forward to all the new music she has to bring to the table.

main interview

P!NK talks about the song "I Don't Believe You"

Live acoustic of "I Don't Believe You"

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