All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

They put the funk in dysfunctional.

Ok........ so, where do I begin. I've seriously seen it all... and then some. What the hell is wrong with people? Wow. People never seize to amaze me. The things they're capable of just throw me into a loop every single freakin' time. I partly want to stop talking to like half the people I know because I just don't trust anyone anymore. They say one thing to you.. but then they're off doing all other sorts of things on the backside. Fake? naw man.. it's not even being fake. They blatantly lie to you. I have NO fucking clue why. To fit in? To belong? To appease you? Seriously, I have no fucking idea why they do it... but by golly.. they do it! And they'll do it over and over again with a sweet as pie smile on their fucking face................ but wait!!..... THEN they waltz straight into the lion's den when you're not looking. What's worse is.. when you ask them about it or comment or confront them.. they flat out deny it or try to justify it as if it were right as rain. Umm excuse me? did the past events and cold hard facts all of the sudden just stop existing? Did they vanish into thin air? Or do people just not give a shit that other people use them? Lie to them? Treat them like shit? Demean them? Disrespect them? Treat them invaluably as friends and poop all over them every chance they get? Are asshats and questionable people who do not so cool things? WTF?

dood.. i'm like seriously starting to wonder if i'm the one doing things wrong over here... because i just don't freakin' get it anymore. People fucking cling to the fucked up ones who lie and do really shitty things REPEATEDLY.. they cling to them like flies on shit. Now.. why exactly is that? Are they gluttons for punishment? Or does being around such shitty folk somehow make them feel better about themselves in some weird twisted way?

"I'll forgive the reject loser asshat and be buddies with them.. cuz then I look like the good guy and deep down they make me feel really awesome about myself cuz they're just that fuct up and lame and are worse off than me!.. and let's face it... they're a fucking joke... and they can remain the butt of my jokes and gossip with all my other real friends! YAY!!!"

.. is that what's happening?? Cuz i REALLY don't fucking get it. Cuz.. you see.. i can't lie and be all buddy buddy with people i mistrust, that disappoint me and do questionable things that lead me to believe they're not someone i'd want by my side.. not at my lowest lows.. or highest highs.
But clearly I'm doing it all wrong. Because these asshats are fucking overpopulating the LANDS everywhere! holy hannah!!!

OK! I'm done.. This rant was mostly brought on by something I just witnessed on account of my sister... and it honestly made me quite sick to my stomach. But i've had my fair share of these moments myself. And I just want to put it out there for everyone.
Why the hell do these people live such horseshit lives with their fakery and bullshit friendships.. that they trade and pawn off at the drop of a hat? Makes me fucking sick.

And i'm fucking glad i'm the ASSHOLE here who tends to be a fucking twat and snob when it comes to my friends.

Excuse me for friggen wanting people I can trust and people i honestly value by my side along my path of life.

Carry on my wayward son............................. hehehe ; ))))