All her dreams are made of strawberry lemonade . . .

Boredom strikes again.

I didn't feel like doing a damn thing today.. so, i friggen vegged and hibernated indoors all day with a huge bad ass bowl of ice cream with the workssssss!!! toppings galore and yumm. i know. totally sick. haha but good for the soul hahaha : )))

I just watched Knocked Up.. that movie was pretty funny i guess.. but i think it was kinda lame. it had it's moments.. but pure cheese i must say. that shit just doesn't happen for REALS. hahaha

ANYHOO.. i just wanna say.. that i normally fucking hate television.. except for my precious Tempesta d'Amore.. but i found a new love recently. One of my friends has tried to get me to watch it.. but i never sat through it. I finally did cuz Beano is a huge fan and was really behind in episodes. SO, i sat and watched them too. ANd i'm HOOKED. BoooOOya!. i'm talking about Dexter. Yah man. you know the one. i'm prolly late to jump on the band wagon.. but i truly don't give a shit about what's hip or not.. what's in and out.. in case you haven't noticed by now.. lol.. but yah. I'm lovin it. and i'm lovin le michael too.. he's pretty damn fine. not even my type. but there is just sumpin sumpin about that totally crooked jacked up smile of his that is just.. totally fucking yummy. there. i said it.

anyhoo.. off to watch some other bland and lame ass movie to pass the time.. cuz my sister kidnapped her Wii for the weekend.. that ho-face. GRRRRRRRRRRR...

so, i leave you with this last sexy ass picture. and i thank thee Beaaaaaaaano for introducing me to such fine television. Much appreciated. w00t w00t!!!

p.s. in case you haven't noticed.. i gots my puter fixed. so, i'm on a crazy ass photoshoppin binge. so, if you got any wicked ass portraits you want me to fixer upper pour vous.. just send that stuff my way and i'll have a go at it!